Lots of free recharges up for grabs with Frizza!

I opened my smartphone at the crack of the dawn, found an invite from my best friend and download a mobile application called Frizza.

It was very early in the morning so I had time to spend on exploring it out.

After a few minutes, my frizza account balance was 240 rupees. I did it not behind the doors.

Wanna know how??

Ok, let me tell you how I did it.

First of all, you have to download the frizza mobile app from google play store which is free and costs only a few seconds and a few megabytes of internet data.

After downloading, register your mobile number on the app and find your offer wall.

The list is huge and you gotta find 5-6 offers that you think you can complete according to the instructions.

Now go on and complete those offers. Frizza app is offering real-time robust tracking of mobile app downloads and that’s the reason behind a person getting instant credits of the tasks.

Some Exciting Statistics that can make you earn good pocket money

frizza app

Completing 5 offers will push you towards a bonus of 200 rupees (INR) which is exclusive from the offered reward.

Refer & Earn program is unlocked at the completion of the third offer and you are in the pool of exciting bonus on referring your friends and family members.

Now check your balance

I had 240 after a couple of tea breaks. You can scale your earning up by installing more applications from the offer wall and refer more friends.

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