The Best Free Vector Image Websites for Graphic Designers

Vector images are illustrated graphics that pop with color and clean lines. Sometimes when you’re working on a project that’s just a bit too drab without anything exciting, a great way to upgrade your work is to focus on incorporating elements of design into the project to make it work.

Vector images work great for presentations, infographics, talks, websites, blogs, or even memos in the office. The best thing about vectors is the fact that there are a number of free resources you can use to get some vectors for yourself.

We’ve pulled together a hand-selected list of free vector image websites for you to choose from. They have everything from various designs, fonts, and even videos! These resources are simple to use and will amplify your projects to a whole new level of professional quality.


vexels Design Stock

Vexels offers the user over a thousand of free vectors to be able to use in their projects. They are even organized into easy to use categories so you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for. You’ll be able to even adjust the layout and change the color of many of the vectors so they will always fit within your brand image! Then as soon as you’re happy with the design it’s yours and you can download them, you don’t even have to sign up for an account!


Free Design File is a staple for anyone who wants high-quality vectors for their website or blog. The site is very easy to use and they have thousands of different designs to choose from. They even have free Photoshop brushes as well, unique brushes that you can’t find anywhere else. They even provide you with the needed files so you can easily transport the vector image to Illustrator to tweak them yourself if you’re a graphic designer. Also as a plus, almost all of these designs on their site can be used commercially as well!


BrandEPS is unique in the fact that they have almost ten thousand different brand logos ready to be used. They also offer thousands of icons and offer many different tools to make your own logo. Of course, if you already have a logo you could use this for branding and purely for vectors. These free downloads come in an SVG format and also a JPG and PNG. Overall, the website is very straightforward and simple to use.


Vector4Free doesn’t have a huge selection, but if you can’t find something that is located on the other sites above, this should be your choice when it comes to figuring out where you’re going to look next. The quality is consistent and it’s very easy to figure out how to use the site when you open it up. Not to mention all of the images on this site are free and can be used for personal use. You can reach out to them if you want to use one of their images commercially.

Vector.Me is an unusual quality site with over 280 thousand different images to take advantage of. The site might not look that lovely, but the content is what matters and they have some of the best content. They even offer unique search settings so you can find exactly what you want. With Vector.Me you’ll be able to even search just for logos and icons if that’s what you’re looking for. We’re sure you can use everything on this site for free and also commercially! Just be sure to double check the images you want to use.


There are so many unique websites that offer high-quality free vector images, but now that you have the best of the best, you’ll be able to add some amazing design to all of your upcoming projects. Don’t be afraid to just jump right in and create a folder containing your favorite vectors. Before you know it you’ll have a memorable brand-friendly project that will impress and excite those working for you and your readers.  


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