How to get a Paid Blogging Job with Blogexpose?

I have seen many bloggers working hard to earn money blogging but unable to fetch a satisfactory income from that. But the wait for them is over now. A brand new job board is on the internet which will connect bloggers with employers to hire their work. Bloggers can provide their writings and catch a good amount of money into their pocket with this opportunity.

Which Job Board is this?

Yes, You are really anxious to know about this opportunity to earn money online and that I know really well. So without wasting time, I would like to introduce you guys with blogexpose. Blogexpose is a platform to connect bloggers with companies looking for talent.

Which kind of Jobs are there?

There are almost all kind of projects and work offers a blogging might be interested in. If you’re a blogger, you better know how important affiliate marketing is! So. Blogexpose is allowing bloggers to create affiliate reviews, find signups or sales and make money on it. Affiliate bloggers have the opportunity to earn special commission here.
Not only affiliated reviews, you may get sponsored reviews, content development job, A Cash prize in a Blogging contest or a regular freelancing work also.

What is Special There?

In other blogging job boards, companies are featured so that they may recruit more bloggers in their concerns while this job board features bloggers which according to me is amazing. Bloggers can demonstrate their profile on the first page and even every page of the website by getting featured.

How to Earn and get Paid Blogging Job Online?

A few tips are there which you can follow to make some bucks on this platform. To become successful as a blogger, you should remember this all the time

  • Create a Nice Profile on Blogexpose
  • Always use your real picture
  • Don’t make any promise which in actuality you can’t fulfill
  • Mind Your Elevator pitch (That’s the salt there)
  • You need vitamin M(money), then show all you can deliver with your writing skills
  • Include a link to your blog and wait for approval
  • Link all your social profiles there
  • Blogexpose has an option for you to reference a sponsored review or post your recently wrote on your blog. So, make sure you link your best reviews.

Can I actually get a Paid Blogging Job on Blogexpose?

So far as I see, Blogexpose allowing everyone to join the community but there are demanding companies the recruitment requirements of which will discourage you from applying for the job. Still there are so many job offers to apply for with fewer requirements.

Overall Rating

I will rate this 4.5 out of 5 because of bringing a new mentality of featuring bloggers in the place of companies. The half star is missing because of fewer opportunities for developing bloggers. A blog getting average traffic can earn a considerable income here.

Over to You

Now I want to hear from you on this. Any Question? And Problem or any appreciation. Is anything on your mind after reading this? I am excited to know.



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