Getresponse VS Sendpulse – Are you Wasting your money in Email Marketing?

Emails. Huh. I hate spam. But I love email marketing. Why?

Email marketing is the best way to keep your readers posted with new updates, product launches or simply anything that you want to let them know and act on.

The First thing you need to start with email marketing is a platform to send bulk emails at once to all your subscribers. Or to a specific segment of subscribers.

Today I am comparing two email marketing service providers, Getresponse and SendPulse.

First thing first – free or paid?

Sendpulse is a FREE solution for email marketers if you have equal or less than 2.5k subscribers. The volume of emails that you can send in a month is 15k. This means I can send 6 email newsletters to all the 2500 subscribers. Now the possibility is-

  • Sending weekly newsletters + 2 Promotional Emails each month
  • Sending random 6 emails to all your subscribers
  • Or simply use the volume flexibility as to my usage

In Getresponse, let me know if you could find a FREE package.

Monthly Pricing for managing a list of 10k subscribers

pricing sendpulse

Even for a hosting package, I pay annually. When it comes to paying for email marketing, I prefer paying monthly. I am simply FREE to switch to another provider if the quality is not met as expected.

Well, Paying monthly for email marketing with 10k subscribers, the cost will be

  • Sendpulse – Straight Forward $53 USD
  • Getresponse$65 USD in Basic and $75 USD in Pro where you can host webinars with 100 attendees

pricing getresponse

Comparing both at same features, Getresponse asks $12 USD more than you will be paying in sendpulse.

More Features

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Easy Autoresponders

Autoresponders sendpulse

I have been using the autoresponders in Getresponse that is quiet tricky to setup. Honestly, you need to understand the user flow and the navigation of the dashboard.

Autoresponders trigger

Automated emails in Sendpulse were easy to setup in comparison with Getresponse. However, getresponse autoresponder has its own way to understanding its customers. Sure thing, these two differ here.

Additoinal Features

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Not always I will attain the subscriber’s information such as name and email only. When I have a product my top priority is to reach the customer. So, I try my best to reach him by email. In case he does not reply, I will call him or send a message.

I can collect that phone number just by adding a field to the signup form. But to send bulk messages, I need to purchase a bulk SMS plan from a different company.

Furthermore, As a marketer, I would love to host a webinar someday. Here I need getresponse to manage the attendees of my live webinar.

However, Getresponse lacks these services-

  • Bulk Messages (SMS)
  • Web Push Notifications

Email Templates for Campaigns

email templates

When it comes to sending emails to your subscribers, I rely on basic but intuitive design. However, complying with technology is what I look in an email template. Features like

  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Responsive Templates
  • Customization ability

Comparison: Both the email marketing platforms have almost similar quality of templates.

Results of Getresponse vs Sendpulse

The comparison shouts clearly that sendpulse is what you must be using if you’re not willing to host a webinar. It saves your

  • Money (if you can only pay monthly)
  • Time (from messing up with setting up everything)
Vashishtha Kapoor

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