Getting started with drones

Drones are taking the world by storm, and it has all happened in just a few years. We still do not know all the different applications of the drone, but one cool example is the flying one man drone that Ehang showed us this year at CES, the Ehang 184.

flying drone

Image credit: Ted Eytan

This is not available to buy yet, but there are lots of cool drones with cameras that you can use to fly for fun, and get amazing footage. You can also use your GoPro camera with a drone, if you prefer to shoot video with your GoPro. There is a lot to choose from, whether you use a GoPro drone or a camera drone, and you can get a small drone with camera for as little as 50 USD.

If you want to get really good professional andcommercial footage, you can get a higher quality drone such as the DJI Phantom 3, or the Inspire 1. The DJI Phantom 3 starts from around 500 USD, and offers some of the best value right now when it comes to commercial drones.drones

To find out more about drones, and see the best drones with camera 2016 check out this drone beginner blog.

We still don’t know where the drone revolution will end, as it has many applications, both commercial and personal. The police are now using drones in the US in their work, and some countries are testing flying ambulance drones. Agriculture drones are also on the rise, and farmers are using them for crop surveillance and more.

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