what are google tricks? Introduction: As soon as we start talking about the internet, the first thing that comes to our mind is the best search engine ever, Google. Whatever you want to search, just find it on Google. Apart from being a great part of many people’s life, Google has many mysteries behind it that nobody would have noticed but given you an unexpected result. We gonna see some more funny google tricks where Google Gravity and do a barrel roll twice is featured. Either of the tricks I am gonna talk about is not developed by Google itself. Is it not funny?

google tricks

Since ages, we have been talking the search engine as the teacher and a support of internet world but at the same time, there are certain things that also make Google a fun loving site.

American- based multinational technological company, Google’s specialty in internet services is sometimes unimaginable. So, let’s have a look at certain tips and tricks that you can use as a medium to show off among your friends and family.

Best Google Tricks funny enough to entertain me

The most unbelievable and entertaining google tricks are those that compel your wonders.

1. Do the barrel roll

To have fun with the most simplistic search engine, just search for “do a barrel roll” in the search bar, press enter and see the magic. It will give you the funniest 369o clockwise rotation on the screen. The expression will amuse you in a way you have never expected.

2. Google rainbow

colors rainbow google

Everybody love colors but as soon as you can have it on your internet screen, nothing can be more colorful than that. One the search bar write “Google rainbow” and click on the first link of the results, you will see a new page with colorful words on it and “rainbow” written in the rainbow style. Enjoy the colors of the rainbow with the amazing search engine.

3. Askew

As soon as you search of askew in the Google search bar and press enter, you will notice that the browser screen is slightly tilted rightwards. It’s a great fun with askew, after all looking at the world with different a

To all the music lovers, everybody loves the sound made with guitar, how about having your favorite search engine be like one? Search for “Google guitar” and click on the first link of the results, you will encounter with the Google written like a guitar. The move the cursor on the strings of Google guitar and it will give you the pleasing sound you have never expected.

5. Google space

Want to experience what it would be like to be in the state of vacuum? Google space will let you have that experience with you internet browsing. All you have to do is search for Google space in the search box, press enter and click on the first link. Every option of the Google screen, logo, search bar and everything starts floating as if they are in the vacuum of space. Enjoy the experience of space with Google.

6. Google gravity

guitar google trick

Ever thought what would it be like if your browser will work with the gravity that we have on our planet? Why not see it with our own eyes? As soon as you search for “Google gravity and open the first result, you will come across a page. When you will move your cursor once, everything will drop at once as if there is a gravity power in the search engine.

7. Google Heart

You must have seen different types of hearts but when it loves to love heart, Google is not behind of any other thing. If you want to impress someone with your internet as well as mathematic skills, use Google heart to do that. Copy the expression “[(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(400*x)+sqrt (abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1]” in the Google search box and press enter you will come across with the most amazing heart ever on that mathematic graph.

8. Recursion

Google might be the thing that made you the intelligent person you are today but at the same time, it is not far from making fun of you. Funny right? Search for the word “recursion” and Google make you doubt yourself on your knowledge. It will still know the suggestion “do you mean ‘recursion’”. Don’t be trapped in Google web. Trust yourself and your spellings. lol

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9. Google sphere

What would it be like when everything around you starts circling you? Strange? This can happen with Google. But be careful as you might lose your mind over it. Search for “Google sphere” and click on the first option of results. You will see a new page which will place “Google” at the center and everything rotating around “Google”.

10. Atari breakout

Looking for some fun games on Google? Here is another trick that will lead you to a game to pass your time with. Type “Atari breakout” in the search box, press enter, and select the first result. What you will notice that some images will open and suddenly turn into a game of Atari breakout. Enjoy playing that game with Google.

11. Change your Location

You can not access websites like Hola from many countries. These are restricted. Google will catch your location and won’t let you open this.

But you can use a fast VPN service to access any website because it lets you change your system IP and browse websites anonymously with dual security layers.

Trick  Search term
Do the barrel roll do the barrel roll
rainbow google rainbow
Skew askew
gravity google gravity

Had fun knowing about some amazing Google tricks? Know about it more and tell the world what they don’t know about Google. Make yourself feel proud of your knowledge.