Handmade Stoneware potterie – Ceramic Art that dazzles your heart

The traditional and beautiful way to dazzlize your life and house is ceramic arts (handmade ceramic pots). I am a big fan of ceramic pottery as the handmade pots have their own pleasure when you use them in your daily life.

Moreover they are good props to use as a showpieces as well. These are made with love and care by potters.

It is the evidence of naturality and makers hands. These ceramic things however are subjected to be kept carefully, it put more stars in your standard of living.

About Stoneware Pottery

David Stone is a potter working in Santa Monica, US. his work reflects his connection with the materials of earth (clay) water, and fire. He said, “It is essential to me that the work celebrates the “Evidence of the makers hands” Every piece I create is a statement that the work is that of human hands and not a machine, yet still functions perfectly for the purpose for which it is intended, I love to work with local material as well.”

Clay that he dig up from the mountains and canyons near him. Many of his glazes are based on this clay as well as wood ash from his fire pit and fireplace. Incorporating local materials is another way in which he maintains his connection to the three essential elements of pottery…….. Earth, water, and fire.

Some Beautiful Pots by Stoneware Potterie

Pitcher and cups. Three piece set

threepiece picture

Wheel thrown, handmade ceramic three piece pitcher and cup set, natural clay unglazed exterior with satin white interior Pitcher – 9″ tall

  1. Two Cups
  2. One pitcher
  3. themed design
  4. brown and grey color

Shallow Square Platter/Bowl, Coffee Table, Centerpiece

Shallow Square Platter/Bowl, Coffee Table, Centerpiece.

Wheel thrown and altered. handmade ceramic shallow platter/bowl, Mat black glaze 11″ X 11″ X 2″ tall (For display only, not food safe)

  1. handmade
  2. Natural material used
  3. centerpiece : use it as a plate or a bowl

Set of two handmade Ceramic Bowls

Set of 2 handmade ceramic bowls

Handmade, wheel thrown bowls for pasta, salad, soup, chili. Each bowl is unique and individual, but part of a themed set. Hand dipped and decorated, reduction fired. “We eat first with our eyes,” and these bowls will show off your culinary efforts beautifully.

  1. Handmade
  2. Both of bowls are unique in design but part of the themed set
  3. made with clay found in canyons and mountains


Beautiful Metalic Style Ceramic Handmade Plate

ceramic plateHandmade, wheel thrown plate unique and suitable for any collection. Hand dipped and decorated, reduction fired. Attention food stylists, photographers and chiefs.

  1. Premium plate
  2. Can be used to serve anything
  3. Its square in shape with circle in designs


Stoneware potterie


David’s art is really amazing and beautiful. He has a spiritual talent that all he makes looks cool.
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  • Creativity - 10/10
  • Handmade beauty - 10/10
  • Designs - 10/10
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