Host1Plus Review and Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount

The surprisingly amazing discount on Host1Plus hosting for this Black Friday and Cyber Money has been announced and you can avail it right now just by clicking the button below. Founded back in 2008, Host1Plus is a US based web hosting company dealing in cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and SEO hosting packages.

Host1Plus has the cheapest VPS server plans in the industry and you can easily rely on their services for either managed VPS on non managed VPS hosting plans. Not because they are cheap and cost effective also because the service is reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, this pricing is appealing and the quality of the hosting service is powerful and infinitely versatile for any kind of business.

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To start using the host1plus services you don’t need to have an engineer mindset. the services comes with C panel so that you can manage your websites backend very easily.

If you are a small business owner or a large business owner, you can’t afford even a single minute of unavailability for your customers. Losing customers for any business is a huge loss and in the online business you need to have 24 hours availability without any downtime.

The top notch quality service from Host1Plus can help you set up a website without any expertise in web design because WordPress is a kind of CMS which can be used even by a newbie.

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We reviewed almost all kind of web hosting services that host Host1Plus is offering and the below is our verdict about it. For each kind of hosting plan we have different views. So, let me explain each kind of service and its quality.

Host1Plus Shared Hosting Review

The cheapest and the most affordable server is a shared hosting server. It is cheap because more than 1 customers are hosted on a server that means there are more than one customers who are hosting their website on a single server. This way you get the cheapest price and a reliable web hosting service because you not only share the space but also the cost of a server.

host1plus shared web hosting

The service is secured from the side of the hosting provider but the person who is on the same server which you are sharing does something fraudulent or hosts a bad site, Your website reputation is on stake. I would recommend shared hosting plans for small businesses and test sites. if you’re planning something big on your website you can use it as a temporary hosting package. as it is cheap and easy to use it is highly recommended but not for a long term website.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review

VPS hosting server is a kind of dedicated server because for each hosting plan the hosting service provider create dedicated virtual server. as a result, your in a situation that your website is not caring server with anyone.

The VPS servers are a bit tricky to manage and that’s why most of the businesses hire an engineer to manage the server. But a managed VPS Server is not like that. You can manage it very easily through the easy to use control panel. And rest of things would be managed by Host1Plus admin itself.

host1plus vps

I have personally experienced that websites hosted on a VPS server are ranked better than others and HUGE sites are mostly using a VPS server or a dedicated server only.

What’s new in Host1Plus VPS server?

  1. It offers cost effectiveness
  2. Customizable configuration
  3. Can host Unlimited Domains of yours
  4. A Dedicated IP address to prioritize your sites
  5. Superfast and SEO friendly

Pricing of Host1Plus VPS

You would never heard of a web hosting company that offers a VPS server for as low as $2 per month. If you did, it was actually host1plus. Let’s check out some location based VPS plans

Let’s base our comparison, the base is a Bronze VPS plan where you will get 0.5 CPU core, 256MB RAM, 20 GB HDD+SSD and 500 GB of high quality optimized bandwidth.

$2.50/ month = Los Angeles.
$2.50/ month = Frankfurt.
$2.50/ month = Chicago.
$3.00/month = Johanesburg.
$5.00/month = Sao Paulo

So far the pricing is concerned, it is specially based on providing a VPS to small businesses also who are deprived of a dedicated servers just because of increased cost.

Host1Plus Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

60% Off on Host1Plus Cloud

The Biggest discount is offered on Cloud Plans which has recently been launched by Host1Plus and new on their website. And it is a time to grab a Linux Cloud or Windows Cloud server.

host1plus cluod

The difference of Operating system creates a huge variation in the pricing of both these cloud plans. However, you can own one Linux OS Cloud server for as low as 4 USD per month if the billing cycle you choose is between 1 to 6 months.

40% off on any Web Hosting Package

Yes. When it is written web hosting, it mostly means a shared web hosting plan. Host1Plus is offering a whooping 40% discount on all shared hosting packages this black friday and cyber monday.

30% off on VPS hosting except Amber Plan (BLACK30)

Using BLACK30 coupon code you can avail flat 30% discount on any VPS package you want to buy with a 3-6 months billing cycle.

Wrapping Up – Host1Plus Review and Discount Codes

The story is not ended yet. You can share your views about Host1Plus or any other webhosting with me using the comment box below. Also let me know which plan you bought from Host1Plus and for which one you’re upto.