hourglasslogopngcontestwebposterHourglass Literary Magazine announces its maiden competition for: best short story, best poem and best essay. The winning entry in each category (short story, essay and poem) will receive US$1000 as prize money, apart from a symbolic artifact (clepsydra), digital stamp and diploma. Apart from awards for winners there are also Special Jury Prize and Scrivener Award. (Also we are going to publish – honorarium included up to ten authors from each category.)

Entry fee: $8 ($15 for submitting more then up to three works; only poets are allowed to submit more then one, up to three poems for $8 dollars.)


Official web site: www.hourglassonline.org .
Guidelines, rules, jury info: www.hourglassonline.org/contest/
Submission page: [email protected]
About us: www.hourglassonline.org/about/