How to Take full Automatic Website Backup on DropBox?

the worst experience I have ever had while helping one of my friend was the time when I was moving his website from one hosting account to another.

Seriously Guys. Whole of the day was spent well. I was not sad at all.

I agreed to help my friend in moving his website. “but I used to believe on manual site restore process in which I used to take Database backup and wp-content folder backup separately.”

I did everything cool. But I had to move the site from one hosting account to another.(not another server). I asked my friend to delete the old hosting account and create another.

and damn. This shit happened. I found errors in restoring the website (could not figure out why). Even the hosting support could not do that. I still feel very guilty for that moment.

I wish I knew about this plugin earlier.

PS:  This was not an imaginary story. It actually happened.

Chill out.

Today I am going to tell you how you can take regular automatic backups of your WordPress website using a plugin only. I have had my hands on My WP Backup Pro plugin recently and I found it really helpful.

The first time I used a backup plugin, it was “vaultpress“.

I found it a little messed up while setting it up initially to integrate it with my website server.

But My WP Backup Pro is easier than any other plugin.


The plugin will cost you USD 29 and believe me, it is worth. Yes. It is worth.

Do you know why?

Just do a quick calculation. I am paying 3.5USD per month for vaultpress single site subscription and in this way, I will pay 42USD in a year. While the plugin is a one-time purchase and can be installed in any number of sites.

Now you can calculate how much you will pay when you ought to backup 20 websites.

Backup my first website using MyWP Backup Pro

Step1. Purchase the plugin from

Premium Backup WordPress Plugin MyThemeShop

Step2. Download it from the dashboard and install in your wordpress site

my wp backup pro in dashboard

Step3. The plugin size is slight big. You either need to ask your hosting provider to increase the max upload size or upload it using file manager (cpanel).

my wp backup pro

Step4. Now you’re ready to go ahead and keep a regular backup in your dropbox account.

Well, you can store the backup files in other remote storage also. let it be either

  1. Google Drive
  2. DropBox
  3. Amazon S3
  4. Microsoft one drive
  5. FTP (personal cloud or server)

Step5. Hit the very first button “Perform a Backup”

my wp backup pro start

Step6. Now you have a list of backup jobs. (do not get distracted. You need only one job to get the ball rolling in.)

my wp backup pro new job weekly

I am showing you my first backup job. Configuring it to store files on dropbox account.

Step7. Let’s move to the destination tab and authorize Dropbox so that it can save backup files on my dropbox storage.

backup in google drive

Step8. I have to click Connect DropBox Account and authorize it in the next popup window.

API Request Authorization

Step9. When I allow it, it generates a authorization code. I will put this API key code in the box and “Save Changes”

Step10. Just a quick advance settings as to what content to backup.

content to backup

Step11. Let’s Dive into the Schedule tab and make this backup job automatic through wp-crons.

automatic backup jobs

I have made this job weekly. COOL?

Step12. Yet. I need email notifications each time a backup job is completed. I will go to the report tab and ask it to send me emails.

email settings for notification


Here is my weekly backup job and it is active now. See.

active job for backup

Over to you

It is still under your control. Go ahead.

Is there anything you want to know? Comments are welcomed.