How to Get more Twitter Followers without being a Spiderman

Twitter is a place where you can build a huge publicity while there are some reactions thereof too. To gain more and more twitter followers, I have come up with some tricks and a few strategies. However, you can gain thousand of twitter followers in such a short span of time. But doing this by hook or by crook gets a little dirty when you have organic hacks to do the same.

Talking more about Twitter, it is an amazing place to go social with your friends, followers and community. A place to share your thoughts in a set of 140 words and even messages can be sent at the max character limit of 140.

How to Get More Twitter Followers [Step By Step]

The hunger and need of Twitter followers in every small or large online business gave birth to so many Twitter follower vendors. I hardly believe if a twitter follower vendor can give you real followers. Most of the followers they sell are fake accounts. And the most crucial thing is that the followers you buy will disappear after a couple of weeks. And this is the reason why I highly distrust those Follower vendors.

To get worthy profitable list of followers, you have to work hard and hard.

But I do not say so. In my views, you need only to be simple, smart and attractive to gain followers. Ok, Lets come back to the discussion, LOL.

1. Profile Branding


Profile Branding is the essence of Twitter marketing. Choose an Avtar, Timeline cover and Username with due care. Branding means keeping single images as a QR code.

When you’re branding yourself, make sure that the profile pictures is same on all the online presence. It strengthen the trust of your online viewers.

And talking about corporate branding, the copyrighted logo has to be in the place of the profile picture. And it has to be same on all social media channels and profiles.

neilkpatel twitter

In the above snap, you can easily see that “Neil Patel” has a branded twitter profile where the profile has an impressive picture, bio and cover. Your twitter profile has to be purposefully constructed. And you have to determine the purpose of your social media presence as well.

If you just have to impress your viewers with your images and content, you can choose instagram in place of twitter. But twitter has a kind of potential you can’t even estimate.neilkpatel

Now take a look at his Facebook page.

What’s similar?

Of course, the username and the profile picture. It helps your viewer to identify the officially real account. And remember

First Impression is the last Impression.

Personal branding does not help you in influencing the industry alone. It can bring you sponsors and employers too and when you think about crowdfunding for your new startup, your profile can stand to give you a hand.

You can learn more about How to create your personal branding profile. But the fact, personal branding and corporate branding are two different terms.

2. Determining your Hashtag

Here you have to decide whether you will make your own hashtag or you’ll be buzzing around an already trending hashtag. Building your own hashtag is a bit tough but not impossible. Own Hashtag does not give you quick results but is profitable enough to make you a millionaire.

look at this profile

hashtag profile

Even if the twitter profile of Kris Carlon does not have huge list of followers, it looks classy and branded which actually is.

And the profile hashtag is already defined as “#laptoplifestyle”. If you search laptoplifestyle on twitter with a hashtag, you definitely gonna find this profile in the search results.

Making and utilizing your own hashtag is a bit tough. But it is amazing when you know how to discount a prebuilt hashtag in followers.

Determining hashtag can simultaneously grow your followers list and I am gonna show you how later on.

How to Promote your Hashtag?

The recommended way to promote your own hashtag is, “Include two hashtags in each tweet you send on twitter. First one should be already trending and the second one will be your own hashtag.”

In the above tweet, the first hashtag “SEO” is a broader term while “shoutmehard” is a random hashtag. If you continue to tweet on this hashtag, you may get noticed and that hashtag too.

How to Select your Hashtag?

Using an already trending hashtag in your tweets also help to get more twitter followers. Not only followers but also favorites and retweets.

  • Analyze the hashtag
  • See if it is popular or not
  • Is it cool to be fit for your tweets?
  • How much of your friends are following the same hashtag

Answer above questions and you yourself will get a clue.

3. Make Interesting and Shareable Tweets and get more twitter followers

Creating interesting 140 words buzz and sharing them on twitter with the best selection of hashtag works like an undefeated proven tactic to gain followers on twitter.

You can easily retweet viral tweets and get niche followers without any extra exercise. Your intention being on twitter should be to provide something interesting and shareable to your followers. Otherwise, your followers will start unfollowing you.

To get more twitter followers, you have to influence the followers of your followers.


When your original tweet is retweeted by any of your followers, it is delivered to the followers of that followers. And it can give birth to a supply chain that is not going to stop till there are target followers. The scenario is absolutely like network marketing phenomenon.

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4. Be Active and Tweet Regularly

Activeness makes you more visible and extremely popular on the internet. According to me, 10 Tweets per hour is better than 100 tweets once in a day. The visibility of your twitter profile highly depends on the time (at the place where your target viewers reside) when you get social on twitter.

Posting tweets and doing the same cunningly is not going to brinng success unless you socialize in the right manner.

5. Do not Hesitate in Following Others

When you follow someone, he is likely to follow you back. This way you get one real follower in the return of one follow. This is the win-win situation and none will be in an intention to ignore this wonderful offering.

6. Neither Buy Twitter Followers nor use Auto Follow scripts

If you ever used any auto follow trick, you shall have noticed the website asks you to give permission to an application. Which is generally a bot created to make tweets, Favorites and DMs on twitter on your behalf. The followers are added in a blink of eyes but are disappeared day by day. And up to that time, the application posted hundreds of tweets from your account for promoting themselves.

This is really disgusting. So, Using auto-follow website is always discouraged.

Final Words

I am saying what I usually say. Do not make yourself artificial. Be realistic and share what you like. If you liked this read, you can spread it in the world.

I firmly believe that being honest and qualitative, you can get more twitter followers.