How to improve a PC’s performance in Different Ways

The 21st century is the era of the computer. For most well-connected people, it is almost impossible to get by without having to rely on computers. A wide number of processes are taken care of using computers-these include processes which require a lot of the computer’s RAM. At times, a lot of such simultaneously occurring processes tend to slow down computers and hamper overall performance.

Thus, it is the desire of every computer user to find a few simple processes whereby the speed and performance of computers can be improved. Some of these tools require no downloading, and are inbuilt within the system itself. Windows users in particular, have a whole host of inbuilt performance-enhancing tools. One such tool is the Performance Information and Tools option, which can be accessed easily via the Control Panel. To access it, all one has to do is to type “Performance Information and Tools” in the Control Panel, and then the Windows Experience Index score can be used to Rate the computer. Users are advised to buy software and programs which are compatible with the base score in question (obtained via the Experience Index). A detailed view of the system information also gives users access to RAM amounts and HDD (hard disk drive) figures. A lower RAM naturally inhibits performance, and users are thus advised to upgrade their RAMs in case high long-term performance is desired.
Sometimes, malware and viruses, particularly worms, can be responsible for slowing down PCs. Malware should be taken care of using antivirus software, and Microsoft offers free anti-Malware programs as well.

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Furthermore, even a simple “System Restore” operation can get one’s PC to work properly again. To do this, one can access the “System Restore” option from Start->Accessories->Windows Tools->System Restore, and then all one has to do is to choose a “restore point” and the PC’s settings and status will change back to that point. This is especially helpful if the problem is of recent occurrence.

Among other inbuilt Microsoft tools is Disk Cleanup-a tool which can be accessed easily via the Start Menu. Disk Cleanup removes temporary files, offline Web pages and installer files. Sometimes, it often helps in removing even those files which may not show up via more ordinary processes.
The disk defragmenter, another excellent Windows tool directly accessible via the Start Menu, also greatly helps in improving PC performance.

Besides these, there are innumerable standalone tools which can also help speed up one’s PC. One of the most popular ones among these is Iolo System Mechanic 14. It offers holistic performance enhancement solutions, embracing defragmentation, boosting CPU and RAM usage and also includes PowerSense, which regulates CPU performance directly.

Another such tool, which also happens to be Mechanic14’s alternative is Swift’s PC Booster, which aggregates collected user data to suggest optimal PC settings. While not as high-end as Mechanic14, it is far cheaper and still offers enough resources to reduce a PC’s chunkiness.

These are some of the most effective ways of boosting PC performance. The most useful thing to remember in this regard is that regular monitoring of one’s PC status is a must, and such good habits are certain to keep PC’s unclogged, and improve its overall performance.

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