Hyax vs Sellfy – Selling Memberships like a Pro in 2023

One of the most effective businesses are the online businesses. It enables them to get better reach to more customers. Apart from native customers, there is a chance that there could be access to international customers. As an additional benefit, it can help to earn higher revenue.

If you are planning to take advantage of setting up your own online store, there are two options that can help you out. There is a choice for you to sell out digital products, courses or even perform eCommerce.

The two top platforms that can help you to perform outstanding as an online store are Hyax and Sellfy.

Hyax is your go-to option when it comes to selling out subscription options, paid newsletters, digital products, merchandise and much more. As of Sellfy, if you are a creator, this is something you will want to take advantage of. Sellfy will let you put out digital products and merchandise on the market out there.

However, this is not all that you need to know. There are a variety of things that you need to consider before you take up either of the options.

Once you read and understand what each of them offers, it will become easier for you to comprehend what is the best option for you. Read on to understand the basic features that you need to know before choosing one for you.

Always remember that you cannot invest in both of the options set forward for you. Come down to taking up one so that you do not need to waste money on both the things. Invest in something that will actually help you out.

Hyax Vs. Sellfy – Basics You Need To Know

When it comes to choosing the best option, you need to know a few details about the alternatives. Here are a few basic features that you should comprehend before you actually spend your money in either of the options that have been laid out.

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Features of Hyax

Features of Sellfy

More about Hyax

Hyax is an option that will help you to get going with digital product selling, subscription, merchandise selling, and courses too. So, what you wish for can be sold using Hyax. There is no need for you to jump on to several apps for different purposes. So, you can just get everything like payment methods and delivery files under one roof.

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Sales and marketing is made easier when you have Hyax around the corner. There are a lot of designs that you can choose from. The design that have been provided are fully customizable. Hyax is the option that will be one of the ones that will make your website mobile friendly too. This is very important because mobile traffic can be easily generated if your website is liked by people.

Additionally, Hyax allows you to own the members of your site. Talking particularly about courses, there is an option for you to take advantage of setting out videos for your members to easily understand. Students will definetly be hooked to the course they opt from your website.

If you are looking for options that will help you with landing pages, Hyax is here again to save the day!

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More about Sellfy

Sellfy – sell the products you wish to without any hassle. Any type of digital products or merchandise can be easily sold out here. A creator can take advantage of this platform to make the audience introduce to their products. Not too much waiting needs to be done when it comes to Sellfy. Minimal complexity is used by the service so that you get the best that you deserve.

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Sign up and just enter the details of the product you want to put out on the market. This is not all. You can get an expert backup when it comes to marketing your products. Meaning, Sellfy will not just help you set yourself up. It also comes with a marketing package. You can sell out the services all over the country and even abroad. In turn, you will get access to a wider range of customers.

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Hyax's Pricing

hyax pricing

You should understand that you have a chance to try it out for free. Once you are able to understand and comprehend what the features are, then you can proceed to the payment. There is no time restriction for you to adher to. Take the time that you require and learn how to go about using Hyax.

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Sellfy's Pricing

sellfy pricing plans

There is a 14-day trial that you can take advantage of. The best part is that you do not have to reveal any of your credit card details. Notice that for every pack, you have a chance to take up its trial. This makes it easier when it comes to trusting Sellfy. You also have a chance to avoid any transaction fee when it comes to Sellify. So, there are not any hidden costs that are existing that you do not know of.

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Hyax's Support

Hyax has a great customer support system where you can reach out to them using the live chat option. However, the detailed documentation is the best place to look for solutions.

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Sellfy's Support

Speaking of customers, even you as the customer can enjoy 24/7 service. They will never refuse to help you out. What is anything else that one could wish for?

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It can be concluded that both of the options are close alternatives to each other. Both of them have similar services to offer. So, you might want to compare the features closely. Apart from that, you can see the user friendliness of both of the services. This can only be done when you wish to choose to go through the trial methods. You will have the chance to do it for free.

Once you understand that what one is user friendly, you can proceed to the pricing. The pricing should be the last thing on your list to look up to. It plays very little role when it comes to deciding such services. This is majorly because the features are the reason for your business to succeed and stand out.

Spend some time getting to know what is the best for you. You do not want to end up spending money on something that will not help you in the long run, right?

Overall, Hyax is something that will help you learn at your own pace. There is no restricted trial period offered here. This helps you to get to know things and then you can proceed to paying for it.

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