Why blogging is important for the website’s SEO?

Digital marketing is all the rage nowadays and it’s easy to see why. It has proven to be very beneficial for both big companies and upcoming startups. One of the best selling points of digital marketing is targeting, which lets marketers pick exactly who they want to show their advertisements too, like showing ads for playing blackjack at leovegas to people who often engage in online gaming will have a high chance of conversion. However, the best form of digital marketing that is the hardest to do but the most profitable in the long run is SEO. Especially SEO for Google.

In the digital age whenever people are looking to buy something or to use a service, their first action is often to “Google it”. This makes being listed as one of the top search results for popular search terms as the best way to pull attention and traffic to your website. Running ads can be beneficial as well but most people ignore the ads in favor of websites that have ranked on the first page organically.

But getting listed on the first page of Google is no easy task. Making your website as SEO friendly as possible will only get you so far. This makes bogging the best way to make your website get ranked higher and higher on Google

Here are 5 reasons why blogging is extremely crucial for good SEO.

Content is STILL King

content is king

Some digital marketers and website developers get so focused on making the website look as appealing and attractive as they can, they end up forgetting that unless they actually get people to visit their website, it will all be in vain. Sure, you can get some traffic by posting ads on Facebook, Instagram etc but the traffic received through these websites will never be enough.

Since being on top of Google search results is the best way to get people to visit your website and the primary thing that Google’s ranking algorithms look for in any website is large amounts of good and relevant content. Content is king as far as ranking on Google is concerned and blogging is, by far, the simplest and easiest way to create content—along with increasing the number of pages of your website.

The more content you have on your website, the more it will attract the attention of Google’s algorithms and your chances of ranking higher will continue to increase and blogging plays a huge role in this. The better your blog, the more content Google will get to see and that is going to prove to be very helpful in achieving the goal of ranking first on Google.

Google likes Encyclopedias, not reference books.

A few years ago, Google used to rank websites that had a good amount of information about a topic even if it wasn’t very elaborate. That has completely changed and nowadays Google prefers websites cover their topic in a deep and elaborate way.

If you have a website about, for example, cryptocurrency, then having content that covers the basic topics of cryptocurrency is not going to be favorable for ranking on Google. Such a website would have to cover the topic of cryptocurrency in such a comprehensive and deep manner that the website itself could be treated like an encyclopedia for cryptocurrencies, then Google would be a lot more willing to rank it very high on its search results for all topics that are related to cryptocurrency.

Blogging is beyond any doubt the best way to fill your website with a very large amount of knowledge regarding whatever topics your websites covers in a way that does not seem out of place and is easy to trace for Google. This will automatically make your website rise higher in ranking for those topics that your blogs will be covering.

Bringing the main pages into the spotlight

main page in the spotlight

Your website can have thousands of pages but not all of them will be of equal importance. There would probably be 3-4 pages that are actually the main pages of your website which either showcase details about your main product, or are the pages from where people can order the product directly.

Ranking these particular pages high on Google is of utmost priority for SEO that leads to a good amount of profitability. The simplest way to highlight these pages as important for Google is to build content in a manner that it all is centered around these main pages and is linked back to it.

Suppose you have a website for shampoo and your primary goal is to make people buy this product, you can then use blogging to build content like “5 reason to use shampoo to dry skin” or “Top 10 shampoo brands in the world” and then link these blog posts to link back to your main product page.

Not only will this send almost anyone who reads these blog posts to your product, but it will also let Google know that a particular page on your website is quite important and thus it will get higher on Google.

Increasing the range and number of keywords

article length

Keywords are fundamental to the process of SEO and are potentially the biggest factor that Google takes into account when displaying results. In fact, certain keywords are so important and popular that websites put in an insane amount of effort just to rank high for these keywords.

If your website is based around a topic like selling cars or reviewing smartphones then ranking for the main keywords for your website would be very time consuming and difficult, even if you have great content.

In such a scenario, blogging can prove to be a lifesaver. Not only does blogging increase the content on your website, but it also lets you cover multiple and broader keywords that won’t be as hard to rank high for. Example, ranking for the keyword “best smartphones” can prove to be extremely hard but ranking for keywords like “ best smartphone in 2019” or “best smartphone under Rs 10,000” would be significantly easier and all of the keywords can be used through blogging.

Writing blogs will different but related keywords is a great way to cover a large number of terms people would be searching for and rank high for those search terms.

Getting natural inbound links

natural inbound links

Google loves websites that are linked back by other website and the ranking of such websites increase hastily. If your website has content that other websites can link themselves back to, it elevates your websites in the eyes of Google.

Blogging is the most efficient way to attract other websites and get legitimate inbound links naturally. A blog post that is written in a generic manner about the benefits of using a special shampoo for dry skin would pull the attention of not just other companies that are in the same market, but also other lifestyle and healthcare blogs that might be interested in such topics.

This will allow your website to get even more traffic while becoming increasingly popular on the internet which inadvertently results in a higher ranking on Google.

These points illustrate quite well why blogging is such a fundamental aspect of SEO and how you can use it to rank your website high on Google and maybe even become the first search result for multiple keywords.

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