iMyfone Umate Review : Make Space on Apple Devices

As far as space is concerned, it creates the problem for every smartphone user. Have you ever considered, iPhone users could face a similar problem, especially the one uses 16 and 32gb? When one install various applications and files, it’s obvious to have a storage problem. Those days are gone when you were supposed to spend hours to create space in your handset by deleting unnecessary files. For iPhone users, here is a solution for your that will manage your phone space with ease.

For those who are facing low iOS storage, slow working, and tired of creating free space on your Apple device, here is an effective and simple cleaner. iMyfone Umate is the one that uses its 25 analysis technologies to acknowledge where and how the space of your phone is being used. Now it’s way to ease than you have ever expected. Every unnecessary file, temporary and junk file, photos, applications and other media can be handled or deleted with just one click.

Review of iMyfone Umate

iMyfone umate

The app which knows how to expand the space of iPhone, iPad, and iPad with ease, iMyfone Umate simply scans the device to figure out which document is using space unnecessarily. It simply finds and lists such useless things on your phone and removes it effortlessly according to the preference of the user.

It not only removes junk (may not use much space but still uses a bit), unnecessary files, large photos, temporary files (includes unsuccessful downloads and other garbage), unused apps, and videos larger than 5M,but also useful to transfer backup data from the device to PC or laptop with simplicity.

How it actually works

iMyfone umate 2

You may have come across various applications which promise to deliver amazing functionality but once you start using it, it does nothing. iMyFone Umate is nothing like that. Trust me, it is one of those applications which is known for their best results. Once you start using it, you will realize what I am talking about.

Straight from those who have used it, they say that it is the perfect application for every iOS user. To get rid of your unwanted things and compress important files to create more space, iMyfone turn out to be the best application for it. Users have figured out that is capable of clearing more than 30% of your total storage. It is that beneficial.

Free trial or paid

The app may cost you around $20 from the developer’s store which would provide you the satisfactory features. If you are not able to trust it and not willing to spend money, here is a free trial for you. This free trial may compress first five photos, remove junk files once and also remove one application. But to enjoy the full-featured app, you should go for the registration for the license with the given amount.

Folding up

The app is capable of managing the space up to 15GB and is a well-known application that delivers the services what it promises. Even if it may cost you a bit, still it is worth the penny you spend. When you are confused about the storage of your device and could trust anything to do it for you, iMyfone Umate is here to help you.