How to Increase Storage in your Macbook Air 128GB?

Yes, you heard that right. You can easily increase the storage capacity of your macbook air if you’re connected to internet all the time you use it. In the time while the high speed internet is available to everyone, you can find tons of cloud storage services and use them to increase the storage space of your Macbook.

Most of the Mac users rely on an external hard drive or pen drives to store their extra bits. In case you lose any of them, you lose your data too. They maybe anything, your private videos, pictures or anything.

macbook air 125GB 13.3 inch

Why not integrate all your cloud storage to your macbook and make it a super storage device. You can mount any cloud storage to your macbook as a local drive using cloud mounter.

What Cloud Services I can add?

  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  3. FTP
  4. One Drive
  5. Amazon S3
  6. Open Stack Swift
  7. Web DAV
  8. SFT and lot more

How to use Cloud Mounter for Mac?

Using cloud mounter on your macbook is a super easy task. Simply download it and install it on your macbook.

Once the application is downloaded, you will be able to launch it and it will show up in your top right bar.

Now you will be asked to add a cloud service to start using it. There are many free cloud services that you can use right here. the best thing is your Google ID. One Gmail account gives you 15GB of free cloud space and you simply call it G Drive.

Another great service is dropbox. I will show you how I have added Dropbox Free storage space to my macbook.

Step.1 Hit new Drive and you will see a window like this.

add cloud service

Step.2 Choose Dropbox and it will ask you to login to your dropbox account. (You can signup for a dropbox account if you do not have one already.)

add dropbox

Step.3 I use my Google id to login anywhere if possible. You can use your login credentials to log in and allow permissions.

allow dropbox

Step.4 Once I hit Allow, it asks me to mount the cloud storage and give the drive any desired name.

mount dropbox

Step.5 I have named it Dropbox Drive. You can rename it whatever you want and hit mount button.¬†Clicking Mount button lands me on a new window called “my MacBook Air” and here I can see Dropbox drive and Google Drive too.

my macbook air

Step.6 Howdy, use it just like the files are stored locally. To open this window in your finder, press Command + Shift + C


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I am loving the application as I can work seamlessly over different cloud storage. Just in case, I want to transfer one file from my dropbox to G Drive, It would have been a mess if I did not know about cloud mounter.