How to Increase Website Speed Easily with LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin

While every webmaster in the quest of speeding up their website, installing a few plugins and the fast theme is not enough. You have got to understand your server environment too. Some webmasters complain that they are not able to eliminate the errors they encounter on a page speed test tool. However, they use all the suggestions given on the web. But, this article is for you if your web hosting server is powered with Litespeed technology.

You would have heard about Apache and Nginx. Litespeed is also one of the kind. It is a web server software.

Before moving forward, make sure your web server uses Litespeed technology.

How to check if your web Server Uses Litespeed Technology or Apache?

  1. Either ask your web hosting provider’s support or
  2. Visit your web hosting provider’s website and see the details of the plans you’re having
  3. Run an HTTP header test of your domain and see X-Turbo-Charged-By. If the value is Litespeed, you’re all set for this.

PS: Most of the web hosting companies are now using Litespeed web server software to offer you the fastest loading web hosting experience.

How to Speed Up your Website with the Plugin?

The plugin prepares almost everything for you to speed up your website. See what:

  1. Browser Caching
  2. Minifying CSS and JS
  3. Combining CSS files
  4. Script Loading
  5. CDN configuration
  6. Removing Google Fonts
  7. Removing Query Strings
  8. Lazy Loading of Images
  9. and even more.

Step By Step Guide on Speeding Up your Website.

Step1. Install the Plugin. Go to WordPress Admin >> Plugins >> Add Plugins. and search Litespeed Cache

Add litespeed cache plugin

Step2. Install and activate the plugin and now bounce to the configuration. You must run a page speed test before configuring the plugin so that you know what features you need to enable.

Performance Report Page speed test

I recommend testing your page speed before and after the configuration. This will help you evaluate your efforts.

Step3. See what you have to do on the Page Speed tab.

Rating or Grades

Step4. See my own configuration that brought the above results. It is almost a leak.

litespeed cache

Even More

cache settings

Additional Things you must know about.

advanced settings plugin

Wrapping Up

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