Infographics and Inspirations (Quotes) to Supercharge you for Digital Marketing

Hello friends! Looks like it went long since we talked about Internet marketing. Ok, here I have compiled a list of some very inspiring and resourceful infographics and success quotes.


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How to Build Loyal Audience on the Web

Yeah, every blog needs a loyal and sticking audience (visitors) to make it a successful community and that makes a blog successful. Apart from your friends and followers there are more persons who are looking for a solution and exact answer thereof is included in your blog post but reaching those guys is your biggest challenge.

Here you come to know how to do this. This Infographic is taken from QuickSprout blog.

This infographic talks about the need of quality and problem solving content for building a great audience for your blog and also throws light on the importance of Email marketing in the same.

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How to Build Loyal Audience on the Web

Credits : quicksprout blog 

20 Most Effective ways of Doing SEO For Small Business Sites

Got a wordpress blog and want to rank it on the first page of Google? you are on the right place. Easily make your trip to wordpress SEO best practices and optimize your blog for a perfect ranking outcome.

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This infographic tells how needed is a perfect wordpress theme for your business needs. There are hundred of free wordpress themes available on various websites. Not only Themes but also Plugins have to be selected as per your needs and requirements. Any additional useless plugin should not be there in your site because it would slow down your site and nothing else.

Covering the social media part, the inforgraphic deals with the use of all social media channels to promote all your blog posts and linking all your social media pages with your site/blog. I published a list of wordpress plugins and tools that I am using to make my blog. (My toolbox for a successful productive wordpress blog)

20 Most Effective ways of Doing SEO For Small Business Sites

Piercing together a perfect social media Strategy

Social media marketing is not a easy task though and that’s why even paid plans fail while branding a new startup (small business). And this is the thing which appeal a perfect and working social media strategy to help your business succeed in this really competitive atmosphere.

There are some statistics which shows how people interact and act on social media with worthwhile tips about promoting your brand successfully on social networks.

Anyhow making a preplanned strategy would only work if you keep all the remarks given in the infographic. For social media optimization, I recommend going with Hootsuite.

Piercing together a perfect social media Strategy

 What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Timings to post on social media is one of the biggest thing to be taken seriously. Because maybe the demographics you are targeting is in bed while you’re posting on social media and thus your post won’t get as much attention as it deserves.

Read Why I like SocialPilot as my Social Media campaigner? on SEOtechyworld to know how social pilot works seemlesly to help you posting even while you’re unplugged.

What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media


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Social Media Marketing and SEO is like the backbone of digital marketing industry. I hope you guys liked my roundup post. You can let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Have a nice day all.


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