Inspectlet : tracking your Audience has never been so Easy

You are making a big mistake!

Have you ever tried to understand the behavior of your audience? If your answer is a NO, you need to reconsider the approach.

Yeah, I know it is easier said than done to understand the user behavior. You should have some third-party tools to dig deep into what your readers do on your site.

Today, I am going to introduce such a tool to you, called Inspectlet.

Inspectlet Review

You must keep track of the audience activities in order to make necessary changes to allure them. It is possible to recognize what drives them away if your tracking campaign is effective.

In this Inspectlet review, you will be reading the impeccable features of this incredible tool.

How to Join and Install?

First, you have to sign up for the service. You can follow the procedure given below to do the same.

Step 1: Visit and you can see a Get Started Now button there.

inspectlet review

Clicking on it will bring you to the pricing page. You should choose a plan from the six shown there. If you want to test the service, the free version will let you do so.

Step 2: Next task is to fill the sign-up form with Name, Email Address, Password, Website (another one can be added later), Phone NO. (optional), and price selection drop-down menu (already selected).

inspectlet pricing

Click Get Started Now once you finish with the form filling.

Step 3: The first screen you see after the signup is your Inspectlet Dashboard. You can spot a Get Code link there.

heatmap example


Step 4: Finally, copy the code in the field on the Your Embed Code Page.

tracking code inspectlet

And, inject the same into the theme of your blog.

Features of Inspectlet

Truth be told, I can’t explain every single feature discretely for they are great in number. But you can read all the important features here.

#1. Heatmaps

Heatmaps are one of the popular methods internet marketers use to figure out user activities on their site. Based on the providing information, they are classified into three; eye-tracking heatmap, click heatmap and scroll heatmap. Unlike other tools, you get all these analytic graphs on Inspectlet.


In addition, you can see mobile, desktop and tablet heatmaps. Isn’t this awesome?

#2. Browsing Sessions Recording

What if I give you an ability to look into the screen of your visitors as you watch them from behind? Then, the audience tracking would be easier, isn’t it?

The recording option is exactly for the same. Using the View Captures link on the dashboard, you can watch the browsing sections of your visitors from your site like a video.

detailed dashboard

On top of the page, you can see the playback control options too.

#3. Form Analytics

No professional website admin can avoid using forms. And, analyzing the user activity on forms can skyrocket your conversions if you focus on landing pages.

Inspectlet has an innovative form analytics system to update you with engagement rate, hesitation time, validation fail rate and much more.

An impeccable feature is the indication of repeat filling that shows the confusion among your audience.

#4. Targeting

Sometimes, we don’t have to track every visitor. It will burn your monthly recording quota. On such a scenario, you can limit the tracking to the organic audience only as we all know traffic from search engines has the highest yield.

targeting inspectlet

You can use the Targeting option of Inspectlet here. With their brilliant blacklist and whitelist conditions, the criterion setting can be seamlessly done. But you can’t benefit from this as a free user.

#5. Responsive Customer Support

No they don’t boast about 24x 7 customer support. But you can find a live chat option, a message box and a knowledgebase link on the website. I don’t think you need another source to seek help from.

#6. Affordable Pricing

You can use the free version for a few days to test their service. Then, you must migrate to a paid plan especially if you have decent traffic and you are serious about tracking the user behavior.

The pricing pattern is not one heck of the bucks for an internet marketer.

Final Verdict

So the question is, should you go for Inspectlet?

If you understand the importance of knowing your audience behavior, you should. Or else, you can let it go.

As far as I am concerned, Inspectlet is the best audience tracking tool equipped with a lot of useful features. If you compare its features with a competitor’s, you will be amazed to see Inspectlet beating the counterpart.

Still, in a case you don’t want to go for a paid plan, start with the free one first. And, I am sure that you will open your wallet for the premium version soon.