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Interserver VPS Hosting Review – FREE cPanel FTP Autoinstaller

Have you ever wondered for a Good VPS hosting server at cheap price and that too of good quality? Yes, many of you would have been in the loop. If the server you wanna purchase will be used just to host a few websites or blogs, you can always choose the lowest cost plan.

But, sometimes My website used excessive server resources and number of processes on my server increased unexpectedly.

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In this case, you may get an unexpected 502 error even if you use the best caching plugin and Cloudflare CDN (or any other CDN). Even DigitalOcean’s 5$ droplet was not able to handle a single website with just 340MB of Data and 200-300 page views a day.

If you have to move a website to a VPS, you would need a Cpanel access. If not, you definitely need access to PhpmyAdmin, FTP accounts and a web file manager and that’s possible only in a few free cpanel available on internet.

  1. First tried Zpanel (could not handle)
  2. then destroyed it and installed Kloxo (It was working but my website was giving 500 Internal server error unless I reboot the server occasionally. This error was coming every 5-7 hours.)
  3. Someone suggested to install VestaCP contol panel as it is lightweight and does not consume much resources on the server. But what happens next?
    After purchasing a 5$ droplet, I have to install VestaCP and the web file manager module is a premium addon thereof. Holy shit. That’s just 3$ per month but for a person who always seek for a free solution before buying anything, it is not cheap.

Well, I was satisfied with accessing the web root using the Filezilla FTP client. Took a lot of time to upload wordpress files and finally was able to install a blank wordpress on my domain.

This time, I have lost all images (I deleted that droplet where all the images were imported.)

The only thing I had in my laptop was the xml file of the website data.

Now testing my website on the VestaCP was useless because I could not import all the images. Thus the performance of the panel could not be evaluated.

As I was looking for VPS server and searching the queries related to it on google, I was introduced with interserver VPS hosting through an online banner advertisement. A VPS slice that has 1GB RAM, 25GB disk space and that too just for 6$ per month was almost like hitting a jackpot. I would have been paying 10$ for a VPS server of 1GB RAM at Digital Ocean and this value meant a lot to me.

Still the same problem 🙁   ==   installing a free cPanel Alternative using SSH and then setting it up which is almost like messing up.

Till this time, the situation had taught me how to manage a VPS server and a few linux commands. But I did not want to mess with it again. Now the breadbasket feature appears like a golden egg.

I just had to deploy a slice of VPS with CentOS V6 with BreadBasket and the big thing was that I was able to install any php script using the free softaculous installer.

It resembles any typical cPanel appearance to make the administration easy and smooth. If you ever have had your hands on WHMCS or cPanel, you would easy get used to this webuzo control panel.

Features of Interserver BreadBasket VPS Hosting

Now Let’s have a look at What I have in this panel for FREE

Domain Manager with DNS zones editor

domains management interserver

You can also add more domains as parked or addon domains and then manage them using the DNS zone records inside your webuzo panel. More than that, I could add as many domains as I need.

Here I made sure that I can host the wide range of domains I own and all of them would work properly.

Get a 1GB VPS for $0.01 for the first Month. Use the code Vashi1c and enjoy a VPS server for a penny.

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Database management with PhpMyAdmin

sql databases interserver

Database management helps a lot when you forget your wordpress username and password and even the email used for that admin access can not be accessed by you. I means a lot to a developer. However, I found it an essential part of a hosting service and thus the presence of these features adds more stars to the hosting quality.

File Management with extplorer

webftp interserver

When I have to upload and extract a zipped file on my server, It can be a mess if I only have FTP access. Unless you have a web based file manager inside your web hosting control panel, you can not upload and extract zipped files easily. It takes a lot of time to upload thousand of files in wordpress installation folder using Filezilla and this was something that I was not likely to face again.

SSL Certificate management

lets encrypt ssl interserver

I can expect you already know about the SSL certificate. The BIG thing is, you can add a certificate inside the panel.

Email server and Webmail

email accounts interserver

I was facing some issues with the email server earlier in Interserver webuzo panel and that all was because I did not add the correct MX record. That time, I was able to send emails but the incoming emails were not being landed in the webmail. Once I fixed the MX records issue, even the email forwarder started working.

I forgot. You can also add email forwarders.

Advanced Features of a Web Server management

You may need to access some of these features occasionally. Fortunately, You have access to all of them here.

advance features interserver hosting

I can see a file manager (this is what I use heavily – more than any other module of the cPanel in comparison with any other module of the panel.) Cron jobs, AWstats and server information modules.

WordPress Auto-installer

install wordpress interserver wordpress installer interserver

Have a look, you have one click auto-installer also.

Interserver bread basket Control Panel

It is easy to install WordPress using an auto-installer. Period.

If you get that in a FREE cPanel alternative and that too on an unmanaged VPS server, you’re lucky.

Cons of BreadBasket Hosting at Interserver

Yes, It has some cons too. Like if you want to give some space on your server to any of your client or friend, it is not going to be easy. As it is just an enduser control panel and you can not create multiple users in your panel.

I could host any number of domains on the panel. But for all the domains control, the control panel login was same. ( To explain the above con.)

The Pricing (Stright-forward)interserver VPS pricing

It easily costs $6 for a single slice having ( 1GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 25GB storage and 1000 GB unmetered bandwidth ). It easily depends on my usage (website traffic).

Even if I get 1000 pageviews a day on a single slice VPS having only 2-3 websites hosted on the same with properly optimized caching plugins, I am not going to find any downtime or server side error.

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Final Verdict

I will definitely recommend Interserver to anyone who don’t want to mess up with SSH command line and manage a website on a VPS.

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