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I am very happy to host this interview of a very talented and successful lady and a professional blogger, Nisha Pandey. She has a birthday today and I wish her many many happy returns (A very Happy birthday) of this day and greet her for spending her valuable time with us here.


Me : Hi Nisha Mam, please tell me some more about you and your blogs.

NISHA-PANDEY-INTERVIEW1-PROBLGGER-AND-SEO-EXPERTNisha mam – Hi Vashishtha! As you can learn from my blog’s name, it is about the Internet and the latest technology. These are two factors that have revolutionized everything in our times. Besides my interest in the field, there is an innate desire to remain updated and keep everyone informed about the latest that is happening here. You will find valuable information on everything, ranging from online marketing to the latest in the web domain to smartphones and new digital devices in my blogs.


Me : Mam, please tell me what made you to start a blog and how did you manage all this?

Nisha mam – I already had a background in SEO, as a professional. After having my baby, I had lots of time at my hand, but returning to a full time job was not possible because I had to be near my kid. It was during this time that I thought of starting my own blog. Initially, it was difficult, but gradually things fell into place and here I am.

Me : How likely are you to suggest blogging to a person/student?

Nisha mam – That is an interesting question and I have a wonderful answer for that in my mind!

Everyone has a natural calling. It can be natural or professional, and blogging is one of the best ways for you to reach out to the world with that passion. So I will suggest everyone to have a blog of their own, but in a niche that interests them.

You should look at blogging in a way as if it is your media production. All of us can’t open our TV channel or publish a newspaper or magazine. Blogging helps create our own media and reach out of the world without having to make such massive investment!

Me : What spices do you mix in your SEO practices?

Nisha mam – I follow the standard SEO practices – the proven and tested methods. Keyword research and proper keyword optimization are the most important strategies. Proper use of title, meta and alt tags are also important. Connecting with other like-minded people is also crucial to improving my page authority.

Me : To make money blogging, what would you be suggesting. Affiliate marketing, or AdSense and why?

Nisha mam – The money-making part is crucial for every blogger. The key to success is to use a combination of different strategies. I recommend using both Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. It is not only the volume of traffic that you generate, the quality of traffic is also important.

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Me : What are your future plans?

Nisha mam – I have already started two new blogs – and My future plans are to expand on these two blogs. I have a few other ideas in  the pipeline, but I have not planned out things yet.

Who is your blogging hero/heroine (role model)

If you look around, you will come across so many role models in the blogging arena. I cannot pinpoint just any one of the bloggers out there. Each one is so creative and wonderful when it comes to their field of specialization.

I would still like to mention a few names whom I observed during my early years. Their work has almost been like the guiding stones to me. Herleena Madam of has been a great inspiration for me. So has been Adrienne Smith of, Carol Amato of and Harsh Agarwal of There are many others who are so wonderful and their works have so much for me to learn from!


Me : What’s your success mantra? My readers are eager to know

Nisha mam : Ask any blogger who has been in the business for some time, and you will get the same answer – consistency. As long as you are engaged in blogging in a field you love, persistence is the most important factor that can help you succeed. Post regularly and post something that interests you and your readers.

You will often come across guides that tell you to write on things that interest your audience. I would say that it is even more important to write on things that interest you. It will help you bring your natural best on the topic. The end product will be more creative and appealing to your target readers!

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Me : Finally please give your message for my readers

Blogging is a wonderful ‘journey’ and the key to success is to keep walking the path with consistency. Many people take this path but fail to persist. Creativity comes only when you are pursuing a path you have a natural interest in!

Besides I will also want you to look at blogging from a different perspective – look at it as your media outlet. It is your platform to reach out to the world with your message! If you look at blogging this way, you will be more creative. You will soon realize that there is no limitation to the way you can present your message in.

Best of luck!

Thanks for giving me this opportunity and for listening to my story

Its Over to you now

I hope you learned so many things about blogging and SEO from this interview and If you follow her blog regularly, I am sure you will be learning more good lessons. Connect with her on Social media.

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