Top 5 IOS Data Recovery Software to Secure your Videos, Images and Files

Top 5 IOS Data Recovery Software to Secure your Videos, Images and Files

The mobile phone is known to be that invention which has replaced everything from phone diary, clock and calendar to cameras and the radio. Every phone, nowadays, carries thousands of images, videos, a number of songs and everything that it becomes an important part of every person’s life. But have you ever thought how would it be like when you could lose everything from your device? Terrifying right? Not to worry anymore as technology has solutions for every problem.

Uncertainty is always there for every device. For every iPhone users, you can maintain the name of your iOS device as there is a number of software available for you to make your data as secure as possible. These top 5 software will help you recover your data within few minutes. So, let’s have a look at them.

#5. Stellar Phoenix

Another best iOS data recovery software, Stellar Phoenix guarantees you every important data you always wanted to recover from calendar, safari, iTunes, iCloud, call history and everything. It supports recovery from any iOS device from iPhone 4S to iPod, iPad, and others. You can simply evaluate the data and preview the things you want to recover using Stellar Phoenix.

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  1.    Phone rescue

Guarantee the recovery of data that you may have lost due to any disaster, Phone Rescue is here to help you at your needy moments. It works with the belief that these data loss is temporary and Phone Rescue have proved it with over 5,700,000 successful iOS data recovery. It is the software that has the widest range of options available for recovery of over 31 types of messages to media. Also, it becomes easy to use at it allows step-by-step and straightforward workflow for by the users.

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  1.    EaseUS MobiSaver iPhone

EaseUS is known to be the first ever free software for any iOS data recovery that works on iPod, iPhone, iPad and any other device. It simply works with the scanning of the device to check for the recovery options available through MobiSaver. It also saves time as you can simply select the backup you want to install in your device as MobiSaver will let you have every detail of the backup available. Apart from it, it can recover data from any format such as VCF, CST, and HTML. Also, it supports message export with HTML format.  Simply, enjoy its three different recovery options, that is, iOS Device, iTunes, iCloud.

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  1.    Aiseesoft fonelab

Aiseesoft fonelab is the software known best for its safe and professional working. It also guarantees recovery of any iOS software user while other data remain intact. To save time and having only useful data, it allows you to have a look at the backups available for restoring them in your device. Also, in terms of safety, the software scans the data before restoring that helps a lot for the protection of your device. It works with any iPhone from 4S to 7 plus. So, enjoy reliable and fast recovery options from any deleted media, iTunes data, iCloud data and much more.

  1.    SynciOS

A software that is here to support iPhone, iPad, iPod, and mac, SyniOS can recover iOS data, iTunes backup and iCloud backup with ease. It considered one of the top 5 recovery software also because it is an easy transferable thing as it allows transfer from android to iOS and even phone to phone transfers as well. synciOS is a perfect tool for easy synchronization of you iOS data.

When you lose you important data due to theft, accident, or any worst disaster possible, these software are here to protect it on behalf of you. Therefore, trust these software and do not worry anymore.