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Have you ever thought of making money on the name of another site?

You might be wondering how can I make money through a website that is owned by someone else. I can not insert ads into it, I can not even ask for it.

But this is possible with a simple, easy to use plugin – jackjacker.

Especially if you are an affiliate, you can make money by promoting your competitors on your twitter or facebook.

Insane. Is not it?

Let’s keep the tall talks aside and have our hands on the plugin as to how it works and how it gonna make you some bucks.

While the above video is clearing everything for you, Here is the link to the FREE plugin. Yes, It is 100% free.

Well, How does the plugin work?

  • The plugin works dynamically and opens the other site inside your domain (that too in a specific page).
  • Right above the other website, there is a notification bar kind of thing.
  • And in this bar, you can add your affiliate link or link to a landing page on your site.
  • This way, you can do inbound marketing, affiliate marketing, generate huge revenue from media buying too.

Now that you know what it is all about?

I will make my first jack link here and show you what magic it does for me.

Jack Jacker vashishtha site

Just a few things to setup right here

Dashboard >> jack jacker >> New Jack Link

Jack Jacker create link

And once done, I can let my readers view the other site inside my own domain. And visualize a cool looking notification bar at the top of it.

Jack Jacker Demo

Why you must use this plugin?

While you want to make money online, it is not easy for many to write a long long piece of content. You may also take time in building the authority in the market as to domain authority, search metrics and all that crap.

  1. You need not write so called lengthy content for the sake of SEO
  2. You get the authority and name of the other site that you gonna use to make yourself some bucks (actually not some but huge)

Final Words

While I have keep this short and sweet to help you make more money using this jack jacker plugin, I am looking forward to your feedback about it.

Have you ever wandered for something like this?

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