KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro: Which One is The Best?

Keyword Research play the most significant role when it comes to ranking your website for producing the best content for your audience.

So, here we are with the best tools you need for keyword research. KWfinder and Long Tail Pro, both are extremely close competitors to be able to make the best keywords plans.

KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro, see which one is the best for you while we compare the features and pricing. Now, read on to know more about their features, support, and plans.

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KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro
KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro


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KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro

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Features of KWFinder

Excellent keyword research

KWFinder is a well-known tool for your keyword research. It helps you find some hidden keywords that are hard to tackle. Apart from them, you can segregate your keywords on the basis of competition, location, and accuracy.

Make yourself visible on the internet

You can easily print, import, and arrange metrics for your best keywords. These keywords are really helpful to make yourself visible in your industry.

Helps you plan things up

As it is one great tool for your keyword research, you can plan your keywords and use them appropriately in your content with time.

Get the best suggestions

Getting suggestions for the best keywords makes KWFinder a magical tool. This not only gives you suggestions from Google but also from other platforms. So, totally worth saving your time and efforts.

Analyze your SEO and pages

Here is one of the best things that make KWFinder a super-impressive tool. It helps you analyze your SERP or I’d say your existing website pages. Besides, you can also have your SEO metrics. How awesome?

Features of Long Tail Pro

It gives you backlink analysis and keyword suggestions

You get backlinks? Maybe not what you expect. This is the tool you need to get the best of backlinks. Moreover, you can analyze them with ease and create better strategies.

Good Rank Tracker

How about tracking your ranks? I know this may seem too cliche but this is exactly what helps you get a better ranking. Long Tail Pro gets you to the top of Google results.

Keyword research with filerations

Long Tail Pro doesn’t use conventional ways of getting keyword research results. They have 3 tested and proved ways of giving you the best keyword data. You can easily group these and filter every keyword as per your needs.

Analysis of your website

With Long Tail Pro, you can easily analyze your website pages and compare them with your competitors.

Estimate the value of keyword rank

Rank Value to estimate monthly value of ranking #1 for each keyword

More about KWFinder

kwfinder review by real user

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, KWFinder, by Mangools, will surely leave no point of disappointment. It was started in 2014 and since then, it has changes the roadmap of millions of websites. From new tools, free tools, to improving competition and SEO, this is a whole package of the website’s functions. Now if you have any doubt about it, you can always try out its 10-days free trial.

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More about Long Tail Pro

longtailpro review by real user

Recently, Long Tail Pro has completed its 10-year mark and through this time, they have literally turned small websites into big brands. The gorgeous work by their team has made one hell of a super-effective SEO tool in the industry. Plus, they offer excellent discounts, awesome deals, the latest features, and whatnot. Even though there is no free trial, you will still find the tool worth every penny. So, try it out and see how well it works.

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KWFinder's Pricing

KWFinder vs Long Tail ProKWFinder is pretty cheap when comes to money. I know how hard it gets for beginners or even professionals to save out the money. So, here is what KWFinder charges for their magnificent services.

  • Mangools Basics: $29 per month
  • Mangools Premium: $39 per month
  • Mangools Agency: $79 per month.
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Long Tail Pro's Pricing

KWFinder vs Long Tail ProThe packages of Long Tail Pro are pretty reasonable. Each one of them comes with a purpose to help you as a beginner or a professional. So, here are the plans.

Annual Plans

  • Starter: $207.9 per year
  • Pro: $248.5 per year
  • Power Pro: $347 per year

Monthly Plans

  • Starter: $25.9 per month
  • Pro: $46.9 per month
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KWFinder's Support

KWFinder is pretty much an easy tool to work. However, problems may occur from time to time. So, to help you out. This tool offers you guides to every tool they have.  There are blogs, free tools, and much more to help you with the best things. If anything urgent comes up, you can always email them or use their live chat option.

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Long Tail Pro's Support

For the support, Long Tail Pro has many options for its users. For education purposes, they offer awesome guides. But if you find any issue with your functioning, you can always go for more technical support. these cover expert advice, FAQs. or simply visit the help center. That’s where you interact better with the team.

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KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro, here is all that you need to know. You know what you want and what budget you are okay with. So, all you need is here to make the decision to find your perfect fit.

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