Landingi Vs GetResponse Landing Pages [Review]

If you’ve ever wanted to get into Marketing, I’m pretty sure you’d have felt the need of good, User optimized Landing pages which had the potential to convert your visitors into customers.

Well, whatever maybe the purpose of your landing page be, be it lead generation, or making a sale, the landing page needs to be perfectly optimized for almost all the factors that are concerned with it. For eg. the Speed, Layout, font colours, size, responsiveness, and what not.

Now, it’s not easy to get all of these features in a single landing page builder platform (Or probably, it is !), that’s what you can decide after reading this review, which I wrote after my experience of 30 days with both Landingi and GetResponse.

No, I don’t believe in quoting a line, saying go for this and not that. Instead, I’ll just compare the features simultaneously, and then you can decide the platform that suits your needs best.

Landingi VS GetResponse Landing Pages :-

landingi vs getresponse

Brand & Trust

Landingi is definitely a reputed brand when it comes to Landing page creations, although it might not be as reputed as GetResponse, still you can decide if it suits your needs and budget  by the end of this review.

It has been trusted by 1700+ companies for their landing page creations  while this number is around 350000+ in the case of GetResponse. So that definitely is a straight indicator of a more trustable company.  Additionally, Landingi doesn’t have a single review on their Google Maps page ! Which isn’t a big “no” factor but it does make me wonder things !

landingi review

But well, just the number of existing customers doesn’t change anything, let’s look at some other more pressing aspects.

Page Templates:-

GR page templates

Landingi is a professional landing page builder platform, and offers you 100+ Design templates you can choose from, while GetResponse too has around the same number of templates, or probably more.

Both the platforms offer you Drag & Drop landing page builders, where you can build your page without ever touching a single line of code.

But the point here is, GetResponse pages are just too premium, and no it’s not “exaggerating”, I just mean it. You get a page for almost any kind of need, Sales, Thank you, Webinar, or what not.

While, this “class” is definitely lost with Landingi. Additionally, GetResponse pages are already enriched to a level where you can directly publish them and get to work, while with landingi you might need to spend couple hours setting your page up.

Split Testing:-

landingi ab test

This is a kind of new trend, one which let’s you improve your product or page or just about anything to an extreme level of perfection.

Split testing is a slight variation in pages, a very small and insignificant one which might not be normally noticed, but it does appeal to the human brain and eye and the overall performance changes are incredible.

So, you need to know what’s working and what’s not, and well that’s when A/B testing comes into action. Now, both of the platforms, ie. Landingi  &  GetResponse offer you a/B testing features, which I’d say is the only place where they both are neck to neck competitors.

Webinar Pages:-

Gr WEbinar

From my personal experience, I’d say Webinars are one of the most engaging events you can ever come up with. Host a good webinar, with some big guys, and your e-mail list will go on a skyrocket dive at 4932 Miles/hour, so yes Webinars do work.

Now, this is where Landingi clearly is beaten by GetResponse.

Landingi just doesn’t have the Webinar Pages, which I think is a big downside, atleast for me, because I love webinars and I’ve seen what they can do.

Although you can create a customized Webinar page with Landingi, but it won’t have the automated timer or those kind of advanced features that the GetResponse Webinar page is going to give you.



After creating a landing page, you need to make sure you can integrate it with third-party tools, right?  You can integrate both Landingi and GetResponse with a number of third party tools and applications to increase the overall functionality.

But here again, the number of third-party tools supported by GetResponse is more , compared to the number of tools supported by Landingi.

Not just that, you can Integrate your GetResponse landing page with Facebook and other social media too, meaning you can set up a landing page right in your fan page ! But, you absolutely don’t get that option with landingi.

So, still doubting the winner?


responsive GR

The landing page being responsive is a must for a profitable marketing plan.

With the advancement in technology, less and fewer people stick to their laptops all the time, instead it’s more of a cell phone and tablets trend now. So you need to make sure your page is accessible and totally functional on any kind of device in the market.

And not just I’m saying this, but also because Responsiveness is a direct ranking factor, not that you’d need to “rank” your landing page in all cases, but I think this point is enough to show the importance of a page being responsive.

Well, both the platforms show a smooth interface as far as responsiveness is concerned, so yes I’d say this section is a tie between them !


I’ve bolded, and underlined the above word, guess why?

You got it right, it’s the most important aspect on your whole marketing career, right? After having super cool features, the platforms need to be pocket friendly.

Well, this is again an arena where Getresponse just beats Landingi, and becomes the winner (Atleast for me, cause I’m no millionaire).

Landingi  paid plans start from $19/month, and they allow you only 500 unique visitors ! and only 5 landing pages ! (That’s a big DUH ! Why? Keep reading ).

While, GetResponse’s landing pages start from $15/month itself ! ( $4 cheaper than Landingi, meaning $48 clear savings in the year!) and that too, supporting 1000 visitors, and UNLIMITED pages ! 

Wow, I just don’t need another reason to go with GetResponse, although I don’t know about you.

Final Verdict on Landingi Vs GetResponse :-

I can’t speak on your behalf, as you might be the son/daughter of some multimillionaire, who might be comfortable with throwing away extra money, for fewer features. Yes, with Landingi you pay $19, and get only 5 pages, and 500 visitors only, meaning you get only 100 visitors on each page every month, isn’t $19 too huge for that ?

While on the other hand, with GetResponse you’re getting unlimited Pages, and 1000 hits, with only $15 ! Which I’d say is a much better deal.

If I talk of the overall scenario, I’d say GetResponse is a more feature rich, and pocket friendly landing page solution compared to landingi.

But well, the final decision is still yours, but if you take my advice I’d say try GetResponse for Free, right now ! And trust me you won’t ever need to change it !


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