Learn How to Fix Common WordPress Errors

Web Hosting is getting popular day by day. With Internet spreading all over the world, millions of people are relying on it to spread and grow their business to a whole new level. Millions of websites are what keeps the Internet world alive and interesting. But it is not an easy task to tackle and process a website and make it visible in the Internet world. Therefore the Web Hosting services have started to expand more and have taken a huge shape in the modern market. In this article, we will discuss a very important element that plays a significant part in powering millions of websites, i.e., WordPress.

Why is WordPress needed to power websites?

WordPress has been a very popular platform which has been empowering websites and businesses for many years now. WordPress is one of the most reliable, customizable and free of cost website builder who has given shape to millions of websites around the world. It is highly recommended for beginners who are into the web world very recently. With its excellent feature of being media friendly, free of cost experience and a powerful search engine, WordPress continues to be a name in the top of the list.

But to install WordPress effectively, you would need to choose a good Web Hosting site. 000webhost can be a great choice for you in this matter especially for beginners. We will discuss why you choose the 000webhost and help your website to reach new scales of success.

Provides you with optimal security always so that your important data stays protected.
Their servers are of high speed and provide.
User-friendly control panel helps you to do and find tasks in a much easy way.
The customer support at 000webhost is a very reliable service.
They also offer a plethora of storage space and bandwidth.

So these are basically almost all the things that one looks for in a good web hosting site. But amidst all these, there are some certain problems which users face while using WordPress powered websites. We will discuss them extensively in the section you are going to read below.

Fixing database connection problem in WordPress

fix database connection error

Error establishing a database connection is a frequent problem that one might encounter in WordPress. Databases are simply tables that contain a large amount of data. It requires the whole of your website data, website taxonomy, social algorithms, etc. Now when WordPress servers cannot connect to your databases, the show this error and it means you would not be able to access your databases. 000webhost has a simple way of fixing it. So we are going to discuss how to fix it:

  • You can use WordPress’s own Repair Database Feature which helps you to troubleshoot and fix the database server so that you can once again connect to your Website.
  • You need to check and update your database’s login credentials. Just go to your 000webhost control panel and click on manage database.
  • You can also restore your WordPress website from a backup. Backups are the last option which you can decide.

Fix Error 403 in WordPress

403 error fix

error 403 is one of the most common problems in WordPress. However, we can tell you how to solve this problem as well. The problem occurs because of improper settings of permissions, a corrupted .htaccess file or a problem in plugins.

000webhost contains an “All-in-One WP plugin” as part of every WordPress website. You can disable your plugins and reconnect them to check if there is any problem with the plugins or not.

Generating a new.htaccess File instructs WordPress as to how to cooperate with the server so that it can connect successfully. It also helps reset the file to the original version in which it was generated.
Lastly, check whether you have enabled all the important permissions that are needed by WordPress to access your request. Even though the error can be fixed very easily, it can be easily resolved.

How to install WordPress

This is not a problem, but it needs a good guide then you must read through the section we have discussed below. However, if you are willing to do it easily, then you can use 000webhost, because of the amazing feature of the auto installer. What are the benefits of WordPress?

You have an amazing opportunity to explore themes and plugins.
Better search engine than most other contenders.
WordPress’s amazing security software keeps your website and all the plugins protected.

Now let us look at the two different ways on which you can install WordPress very easily.

  • Use the 000webhost’s auto installer which gives us the option of installing it in one click. Just sign into 000webhost, create an account which is free and log into it. Use the control panel and click on the auto installer and then “install now” under the Build WordPress sign. Therefore as you can see that it is so simple to install the WordPress easily!
  • WordPress can also be installed manually if you do not want to use the Autoinstaller of 000webhost. First, from the official website of WordPress and download the full .zip file. After extraction of the file upload them to your account using FTP(File Transfer Protocol). The process is simple and does not require you to know rocket science. In the final stage, you will need to do the 5 minutes WordPress installation and you are done!

installing wordpress

So as you have read through this long article, you now know how to tackle different kinds of WordPress problems like fixing database and fixing 403 errors. 000webhost helps you to manage all of these very easily because of its superior quality service and ease of accessibility. The errors are common and can be solved in a quick matter of time, so if you face them do not get into worry. Therefore if you do not want to take the risk of managing so much by yourself, you can always rely on 000webhost and help yourself to build an amazing website for your business.

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