Hi friends! Today I am here with a very beautiful, motivating, inspiring, appealing and thoughtful poem by miss Alexis Pettway.

Its live in the moment which is full of copious question to ask from your own soul. She is a poetess and an author as well. And the poem is inspired by thoughts and emotions.

live in a moment

I would like to mention a few lines from her page

What happens after the moment?

When its done and a thing in the past? Are you glad that you came out with a story or upset because it didn’t last?

what happens after the moment?

Did you long for it to be more than a moment? Did you want that moment to create a series of endless moments?

What happens after the moment?

When the noise ceases and its quiet? Are you at peace or does it kill you to have silence?

Read the full writeup on her beautiful blog –  Apoeticauthor