M3Server VPS Hosting Review – Seriously Managed Servers

Are you hosting your websites on a VPS server or a cloud hosting?

I am sure you have found some terrible time on your website when it was down due to some technical issue. If not, you’re lucky (or you’re rich). Some of my friends who had their sites on DO or Interserver, encountered a security breach on their server and lost their website data. One of them had no backup of the site.

Insane. He lost it. He lost a mazor part of his site.

You don’t want that. That’s why I am introducing you an innovative VPS hosting provider that will not only give you a dedicated private VPS server with high capacity but also will help you manage your VPS server using its inhouse control panel. (neither softaculous, nor cPanel).

That is M3Server.

Managed Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting by M3Server.com

It has everything you will need to start a wonderful intuitive website on a VPS server with a dedicated IP

  1. Inhouse easy to use control panel
  2. Setup in a few minutes
  3. Install WordPress while adding the domain
  4. A dedicated IP
  5. High class security and backup service
  6. FREE SSL from Lets Encrypt

Why M3Server

M3Server was founded back in 1996. As usually you see that a hosting company dealing in a number of services like web hosting(shared), VPS(managed and non managed) and dedicated servers. But M3Server is totally different.

With an extensive list of services, M3Server has enough resources to wow you with the quality and performance of anything they give you.

Features (How I Set up a Website Quickly?)

#1. Cheap Virtual Servers

Why M3Server Managed Hosting

In the industry, a good performing VPS will usually cost not less than 100$ (having 4 cores of CPU and 5TB of bandwidth.) Try it.

Now that you get a quick VPS server with FREE setup for just 50 USD per month. This VPS server capacity is 150GB of disk space and 2GB of RAM with 4 cores CPU and 5 TB bandwidth quota. There are more plans available for less and more price.

#2. Fast Performance

SuperMicro® drives are used by the M3Server Inc for the servers. The Technology used to provide you with top-notch services is outstanding.

And guess what?

You don’t have full control over the server. This is what managed hosting is called.

I have a VPS server with M3 Admin panel where I can have a look into the list of domains, FTP accounts, Databases and Major control options. But I did not get root access to my server. Whereas it has a drawback, there is a advantage.

Guess what. You can not mess with the command line and find your server crashed into it. The support staff and M3 admin panel can always help you manage your site and give you all the things you need to host a website and get it live.

#3. High Security Layers

After trying hell lot of security parameters, I have learned one thing. Never go for a web hosting that can not give you good security of your website.

My website is like a virtual property to me.

and I never would want it to vanish away.

M3Server’s data-centers are monitored round the clock to quickly capture and solve anything that comes in.

While a FREE (or even a paid) SSL is not going to help you in securing the server side of your website. You will need cloudflare to avoid the attacks.

#4. Elevated X CMS Hosting

Got to host an adult membership site? Purchase the ElevatedX CMS and ask M3Server to set it up on your VPS. All set. full-stop.

#5. M3CDN for loading Images and JS faster

M3Server Inc also serves you with a low cost CDN service that is charged in per terabytes used basis. The CDN gonna help you reduce the load on the main server and load requests from the CDN.

Works Great. 🙂

#6. InHouse Control Panel for managing your VPS


In this VPS server I am allowed to host any number of my domains and create an FTP account for the same. In the below table, I will show you how unique and awesome M3Server hosting is.

#7. Perfect for WordPress

adding new website with wordpress

The time when I am adding a domain, I have an option as to whether install WordPress or not. If I mark this box and hit submit, A fresh WordPress will be automatically installed on my domain.


What are you waiting for


The Pricing range starts from 20$ per month and can be upgraded to a custom cost according to your usage. The cost effective VPS pricing includes the FREE M3 admin panel.

Over to You

If you’re not too good in code and won’t like to mess up with the command line or SSH to manage a VPS, I would recommend the M3Server. Are you looking to migrate? Let me know. Would love to help you out

Vashishtha Kapoor

Myself Vashishtha Kapoor and I am a freelance technical writer & digital marketer for hire. I help clients grow their web visibility by writing in-detail content about digital marketing and WordPress. Connect with me on LinkedIn and discuss how to grow your business.