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If you are on internet just to make money online, this article is for you.

I am going to tell you how you gonna make decent money even without having a popular trendy niche blog.

Sounds cool.

more money

Does not matter you are a blogger or not.

Even if you are a normal person surfing internet for fun, you can make money with this method.

For bloggers, this is an additional source. Let me tell you how….

If you are a blogger, you often put affiliate links inside your blog posts.

Most of the links are cloacked links redirecting to your affiliate link…

But your affiliate link will make money only when a lead will be generated or a sale will be made. Also read Affilorama Review

Also read Affilorama Review if you want to make $$$$ through affiliate marketing only.

You can easily shorten your cloacked or affiliate links with shortest and made money on each link clocked and opened..

Seems pretty interesting! Right?

How to make money with Shortening URL’s

Link shortening is making people a lot money for doing an easy work of turning a long URL into a shorter one and sharing it overseas.

It can make you an additional $100 a day just for shortening a link and sharing it on your social media accounts or blog..

Let’s dig out how you gonna kickstart making bucks over shortest

Making money out there is easy … First of all, you will have to signup at with your email.

With an account on you can start shortening links and making money from the first day.

After signingup and logging into your account, you have a dashboard looking like this.


Your job starts right here on your dashboard.

Get a link, put it on the input field there and hit SHORTEN button.

You’ll get a link like

Copy this link and share it wherever you want to share it so that people click and visit the original link.

Not an end to possibilities

Above was the short introduction of what has to be done with the Link shortening to make money…..

There is a statistics page where you can see how much times you short URL was clicked and the volume of revenue you made with that.

You can get the money withdraw via PayPal, Payoneer or WebMoney when it reaches the minimum of $5.

More Tools to Monetize (For non Bloggers)

If you don’t own a blog or website, you still can use a number of tools to earn money on

  • Quick Links
  • Developers API
  • Twitterfeed Integration
  • tools

Even without having a blog or website, you can make use of above tools to make quick money with this.

With twitter feed, all the links inside your buffered posts will be automatically shortened.

For bloggers and Internet Marketers

There is an amazing list of tools to use to make a lot of additional money with your blog.

Social Sharing Buttons

share widget

It is a great way to monetize your blog posts social signals. Using this social share widget will help you making money whenever someone will share your blog post on social media.

On social media, the blog’s link will be automatically shortened and shared.

Now, you are all set for social media boom. Write a viral content blog post and let me give you a rough estimate

You got 100 shares in a day for your amazing content

Each share gets clicked 50 times by a different users.

You got 5000 clicks a day and per thousand views payout rate was 6$ (this is just an estimate while payout rates differs from country to country)

You made easily 30$ in one day with your blog post.

Isn’t it amazing. Definitely it is.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin makes all your URL shortening work automatic.

Once you install, activate and setup the plugin on your WordPress blog, all your outbound links will be shortened with and be monetized when someone clicks it.

Everything will be on autopilot.

How much you will be earning?

You will be paid according to the each thousand number of clicks multiplied by the payout rate (varies by country to country).

Highest rate is $15 for 1000 clicks on United states traffic followed by $8.41 on 1000 clicks for United Kingdom Traffic.

Your earning volume is going to be highly depend on “Where you share your shortened links” or “The country from where you get the maximum percentage of your traffic….”

So, keep sharing and keep earning is the one small rule to make huge money daily with

Checkout Payout rates here


You have got a number of reasons to use it to make some extra money in your pocket if you love your pocket being full thereof.

  • It does not take thousand of efforts to get your links clicked, Just share it and watch the money increasing
  • The performance of your blog (On search engines, SEO signals) won’t be affected
  • You will make extra bucks for no more work
  • Regular and highest payout ever processed by PayPal, WebMoney or Payoneer.

Final Verdict is a great platform to make money behind “sharing and caring”. You can monetize your social media accounts and weblogs easily with a wide list of tools provided.



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