How Can You Make Your MacBook Run Faster?

Whether you had opted for Mac spontaneously or deliberately, with time you realized that your decision was spot-on. These desktops and laptops distinguish by performance and allow increase your productivity with different tasks. You take full advantage of Mac till the moment when you noticed that it started to work not as quickly as it used to.

Why you Mac started to work slowly? There are several possible answers to this question. Review the list of possible actions below to find a solution or check this comprehensive why is your Mac slow guide. Be aware that more than one reason of slower performance can be found at once.

Lack of Storage

The most common reason bad productivity is the overload of the hard drive. Tens of large multimedia files, numerous documents and heavy software leads to lack of space on your hard drive that, in turn, causes slower work and longer boot time.

But not only Mac users are responsible for this situation. When a Mac is running the OS processes and various programs, it produces a big amount of files related to browser, user, and system cache. Over time, those files take significant part of your hard drive. Although these files are also known as temporary, they won’t disappear from your drive unless you delete them.

How to fix. Go through your content to detect and remove applications and data you no longer use. During the process, you can implement the organization system that’ll be suitable for you and will make the next cleanups faster.

Getting rid of cache files is more complicated and risky. When you deal with the browser cache, the process remains straightforward due to build-in to these apps features. But improper manual disposal of other types can lead to critical failures. That’s why you should backup revised data before the cleaning. To avoid negative consequences at all employ specialized software. You can mount a cloud storage with your mac to increate the storage space and here’s how.

Drive and System Errors

Check your HDD or SSD for mistakes. If they are present, this issue can slow down data writing and reading processes and ergo the whole system performance.

If you constantly face problems with OS, it might indicate the presence of accumulated with time errors, viruses or system-software version conflicts.

How to fix. Open Finder > Programs > Utilities and select Disk Utility. Pick a disk for a scan and select First Aid, then click Run. If a failure message appears, the drive might have damages. If the process starts smoothly, all available errors will be rectified.

Utilities and select Disk Utility First Aid Run

To resolve system issues assure that your OS is up-to-date and Mac security isn’t jeopardized. If it doesn’t help, restore its last correct working version.

RAM Problems

Mac OS is supplied with a satisfactory Random Access Memory managing tool. To check its current state, open System Settings > Programs > Utilities > System Monitoring. Select the Memory tab and examine the Load on Memory indicator below. If it’s red, it denotes that the available amount is inadequate.

System Monitoring

How to fix. The easiest way to empty RAM is to restart your Mac. This action will stop excessive processes and reload the stucked ones. Also, avoid running multiple resource-consuming programs simultaneously.

Startup Issues

It’s convenient to have some application opened straight after the switching-on. But when the number of such background processes demands from your Mac more power than it can designate to them, Mac starts running slow.

How to fix. Review the list of these apps. Open the Apple menu > System Settings > Users and Groups and switch to Input Objects tab. Remove programs that you don’t need to start simultaneously with OS by selecting them and pressing the minus button. If that doesn’t speed up the startup, it can be the sign of more serious OS or hardware problems.

Hardware Issues

The slow operation can also be caused by overheat or obsolescence of internal components.

How to fix. Take your Mac to the computer repair service center to detect what is wrong. Tech geeks will inform you what steps to take next. The solutions can include thermal grease change, coolers replacement, etc.

Employ your Mac properly and take care of it to avoid incorrigible fails.

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