How to Make Your Own Website in Minutes With Wix ADI?

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Just a few years ago, website designing was considered a major investment where you had to spend a lot of time, money and resources. This is the reason why only a few websites and professionals used to have websites. Everything changed when drag-and-drop website builders were introduced and anyone with basic IT skills could choose a template and start creating their own website. Editable templates and WYSIWYG site builders are considered some of the biggest innovations in the web designing domain. The infusion of artificial intelligence into this sector is expected to take thing further ahead. And Wix ADI is the perfect example in this field.

What is Wix ADI?

Every time someone looks for ways of how to make a website, they are confused about hiring the services of a web designer. Many think that using a drag-and-drop editor can be a complex job. Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence or Wix ADI was developed with the goal to make web designing an effortless and time-saving process for anyone. It took Wix’s founding principles to the next level. It is the first ever AI system that has been designed for website designing. Imagine having a system that would ‘read’ your requirements and create your site without you having to do anything except answer a few questions. That is what Wix ADI does.

How to Use Wix ADI?

So how can you use Wix ADI to create your own website in just minutes? The steps are extremely simple.

  • Visit your account dashboard
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon that appears
  • Choose the type of site you want to design
  • Then click on ‘start with Wix ADI’

The AI will start asking you a series of questions related to what kind of website you want. Once you have finished answering all the questions, it will automatically create a website design by gathering all the data from different sources (including the web).

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There will be a ‘preview’ option that allows you to get a preview of your website on desktop or mobile screens. You can then make changes to the site designed by Wix ADI for further customization. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can click on ‘publish’ to complete the process.

Wix ADI requires you to answer just a few basic questions. Some of the main questions that you will be asked include:

  • Your business category
  • Whether your business already has an online presence (it will gather information about your business if there is existing online presence)
  • Your design preferences

It will then create a custom website after having learnt about your business or your own needs and goals. The algorithm will match the content and design based on billions of combinations and probability situations and create a unique website. And all this takes just minutes. There is no need to hire any professional web designer. Among other advantages, it will help create a website that is unique and will not look or share anything with another web design.

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Wix ADI collects the most relevant content from social media sites and the web. So it is not just about great design, it is also about valuable content. You can then customize the site’s design and content based on your final requirements.

The drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG website editor allowed almost anyone with basic IT skills to create a website. With Wix ADI, the level of convenience has been taken further. You can create not only a professional-looking site, but a site that contains useful content.

Wix ADI is the first of its kind web designing AI tool. Make sure you provide accurate answers to its questions so that the algorithm can create a site that best matches your requirements.


Once you have the website created by Wix ADI, you can customize all the key elements to achieve perfection in the design. You can customize the font sizes, colors, add a wide range of features including animations, and do lots more. You can add forums, and ecommerce capabilities. If you want to change the content or images, it can be done with utmost ease. In fact, Wix ADI will pull many of the images which are owned by Wix, thus allowing you to use them without any copyright infringement issues.

Thus, Wix ADI adds an entirely new dimension to the world of website designing. All you are required to do is to answer a few questions and the powerful algorithm behind this AI based system will create your site. You can then use the drag-and-drop editor to customize or tweak the final design to your preferences. It takes ease of use to the next level and creates a unique website. Besides, it can source content and design from the vast web, something that no human designer can do themselves. So if you are looking to create your website, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use Wix ADI. It’s easy, it’s powerful and it saves you valuable time and money.