Shopping is the only thing that can give a person sudden happiness.

Each and every person is in love to have new things to wear and use.

When it comes to go on shopping in a local market or in mall, it need a lot of efforts to get up and go for shopping, especially when it is summer.

So, to avoid much loss of time and energy, Internet come up with online shopping as a blessing to the freaky shoppers. Especially in the market like India, I have come across a very high increase in shopping as far as online platform is concerned.

online shopping

Why online shopping is preferred so much?

Of course when you can have everything with perfect offer and low price while sitting at your home, everybody would love to go for online shopping. As far as merchandise is concerned, many companies, even foreigners are emerging their business in India to invest in Indian customers. But why so many Indians are into such thing apart for having traditional way of shopping? In my views, the BIG reasons behind the growth of online shopping in India are-

  • Cheaper Price – Most often the price tends to be cheaper on internet.
  • Exclusive Deals – A wide range of products are exclusively available online. Sometimes, on a specific online store exclusively. The Gadgets and smartphones launching these days are the perfect examples to it.
  • Trust and Safe – I need not go to market and bargain. However, the price remains unchanged until you use a working coupon code.
  • Increasing Card Payments and Online Transactions – Since Notbandi(Demonetization of 1000 and 500 Rupees notes), the number of online transactions have increased. Now people are getting aware of the fact that online transactions and card payments are secure if you purchase from a trustworthy seller only.

Let’s have a look at the reasons that encourages online shopping in India.

how shopping in increasing

  • Standard of living

    As far as people in India are growing, their standards of living is one of the reason to bring the country where it is today. Buy stuff online is a big step for many people as it might be something that can define their lifestyle.

    I regularly check the deals of the day in my smartphone so that I never miss a good discount.

    People take online shopping as something very advanced. Hence, it is leading a great inclination in the country.

  • Payment procedure

    When you will receive, the thing you were thinking to have, right at your door, you will have an amazing feeling inside you.

    With such opportunity along with a comfortable payment procedure, anyone would go for online shopping. Apart from online payment, which might seem unsafe at some point, cash on delivery is something very significant to bring online shopping to the peak.

  • Variety of websites

    With online accessibility, there are a variety of websites providing the service of online shopping. It is not just limited to the variety of websites but, also, because of this, people are able to compare with different websites, offers, discounts, as well as the prices of the products they want to buy.

  • Availability of wide range

    Because of wide variety of such online shopping websites, the country is, somehow, able to have a great range of products on a single platform. This have also lead to the range which one would not encounter even in any retail shop. What you are not able to have in any retail market, you can have it through online shopping.

  • Internet accessibility

    From time to time, India is on its verge to become a developing country, similarly, when it comes to have technological control by people, many Indians, at present are able to access over internet. Over 65 million people across nation are able to log in to internet, so why not they use such wonderful thing to buy the things they want to.


If not you, than you might have come across some friend or relative who are engaged in online shopping and heard their experience.

Apart from this, many small business are being run online all because of internet accessibility or usage by people. Many social media networks or search engines are full of such online supermarkets where you can have your desired think right at your door.

India is facing a rapid growth as far as online platform is concerned. So, have a safe and happy shopping with great range of online retail shops,