PhotoBulk All-InOne Bulk Photo Editor and Watermark Software

Some blogs have a publishing rules like all the images in a post must be of the same size and having the watermarked logo. Same I have thought to incorporate this in my blog and I was struggling to find a tool that can help me doing all this in bulk.

You would be surprised to know that I found it and it is surprisingly easy to use.

What are the functions of this Software?

Talking about the features, it has some simple but worthy features that will make you WOW.

WaterMark Images

watermark photobulk

You can put your text or logo watermark on an image so that you always keep the credit thereof even if it is copied.


You can do all this with Adobe photoshop with beginner skills as well. And that is totally crap in that case. Right?


Can you put a watermark on the same place in around 1000 images in one click?


I can do this with this software. So, Never underestimate the power of a simple software. I said initially that it is worthy. Now PhotoBulk software can save your time and money in getting thousands of images watermarked within minutes with a single click. (Interesting?, Keep on reading)

  • Text watermark in any font, size, weight and opacity. cool
  • An image (logo) as a watermark
  • Using a script, you can fill an image with text tags as well.
  • Put the date and time as a watermark as well

Above features clear that it can actually be your bae when it comes to watermark your images in bulk so that you keep the credits of snapping and clicking.

Resize Images in Bulk

Yet another interesting thing that you can do with the photobulk image editing software is that you can resize the images along with putting a watermark thereon. If you want all images to be of the same size in your blog posts, you can use this feature without any hassle of mind.

resize images in photobulk

I got so many options to resize all the images and while keeping the quality as same as before.

Reduce the Image Size

I was afraid if the resolution or quality of the images would go inferior due to size compression.  I would treat it as the best image optimizer.

optimize image photobulk

But. Nothing happened like that. The size and resolution of the images was same as before. It is a big thumbs up if you are looking to speed up your website and the size of images is the one and only reason why your website is slow.

Try for FREE and pay if you Like

I purchased the extended licence of the software only after being satisfied with the quality of the demo. You can give it a chance, have your hands on this software like tiny packet.

You can purchase the personal license of PhotoBulk for just $19.99 and start using it in your mac or windows device.


Final Verdict about the PhotoBulk

PhotoBulk is my new friend to play with the images which are going to be uploaded on my sites to make them an authority in their niche.

What do you think about the software and if you have any query about it, please do let me know. Thanks