5 Amazing Tools for PHP Developers to Build Better

Are you in search of web application development with a quicker turnaround and better features? The PHP language was originally created to simplify back-end development. The process of building a website gets easier and continues to evolve, modern platforms and website builders don’t require extensive knowledge or tech skills to set up a simple website of your own. 

Meanwhile, substantial or comprehensive projects require custom solutions. PHP development provides key advantages to both developers and users because it is well known, proven and stays one of the most affordable options for back-end web development with an amazing community. That’s one of the reasons why CTOs or other decision-makers are looking to hire PHP developers to accelerate a web development project for their business. On the other hand, devs are constantly looking for new ways to improve their skills and services, like using new tools and so on. In this article, you can check out these amazing tools available for PHP developers and find out why PHP continues to be a top choice in the IT industry.

PHP Frameworks Offer More to Developers

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language that allows developers to build a website that offers more to users. It has sustained its popularity for several reasons. Not only is the PHP language easy to learn, but it is also easy to edit, giving web developers increased control over the code. When you build a website with the PHP language, you can trust that it is secure, efficient, and dynamic.

The fact that the PHP language is an open-source language, offers benefits to both developers and users. The open-source languages are available at no cost, so the development is more cost-effective for businesses as your web development company transfers those savings to your bottom line. Open-source communities open the door to a plethora of support for developers who need help along the way.

The benefits don’t stop there. Developers who know how to run PHP can introduce several attractive features to your website. You can create a better user experience with faster website speed, advanced features, and engaging interface. This all translates to a better bottom line for your business as you take advantage of better search engine optimization results and a different level of customer satisfaction.

PHP has been marked by phenomenal growth since it was introduced to the IT industry. As more and more websites are developed in PHP, the business world has come to understand its technological competency. Whether you realize it or not, many of the popular websites you visit daily have been built in PHP.

PHP website examples include:

  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Flickr
  • WordPress
  • Digg
  • SourceForge
  • iStockPhoto
  • MailChimp
  • Tumblr
  • Fotolia
  • Friendster

5 Amazing PHP Development Tools

If you are excited to find a developer who knows how to make a PHP website, or if you’re a developer hungry for new resources, these tools should excite you. Let’s take a look at the 5 best tools available to PHP developers in 2018.


This is probably one of the most commonly used tools in the world of PHP. Eclipse is famous amongst PHP developers. The cross-platform tool was released in 2001 and has gained its reputation because of its remarkable flexibility. It is a great resource for large-scale projects. And, it offers multi-platform support across the board with Windows, Linux, and Mac. Eclipse is a developer favorite with lots of plugins, automatic error reporting, and seamless integration of tools for your website.


Don’t let the fact that it’s written in JavaScript confuse you, because NetBeans supports other languages. The tool supports WordPress CMS and best PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, and more. It’s lightweight, powerful, and quick. You can debug your PHP code using Xdebug, use code generation tools like getter and setter, and take advantage of continuous integration support.


PHPStorm is the super tool of PHP tools. That’s because it can integrate other tools to become a powerhouse for your development needs. It’s a multitude of capabilities allows you to carry out routine tasks while bringing more value with efficient and productive coding. It is known as the best IDE for PHP website building but is enterprise level. Therefore, it may increase your web developer salary because of the cost of licensing. Live editing on all front-end technologies, integration support, rich code editing, and its smooth, lightweight integration are additional advantages of PHPStorm.

Zend Studio

Zend Studio is widely used as an IDE for PHP development. It unlocks the benefits of fast performance, PHP code validation, and an intelligent user interface. It offers a built-in debugger when using it to support real-time code inspection when using cloud services. You can also use Zend Studio for mobile app development in the backend and on top of existing apps developed in PHP. Thousands of developers use Zend Studio for their choice of PHP tools.

Sublime Text

This cross-platform editor is a powerful tool for code, markup, and prose. It’s compatible with many languages and gives you quick navigation to your files and symbols. Other popular features of Sublime Text include:

  • The Goto Anything feature to open files fast and instantly jump to lines and text.
  • The Goto Definition feature for symbol indexing.
  • The Command Palette for easier navigation.
  • Powerful Python API with access to thousands of packages built in the open-source community.
  • Split editing support.

Whether you want to keep up to date on modern web development environment or want to know what PHP developers can possibly use to deliver more to your projects, these tools are the best on the market and totally worth your attention. They make the development process faster and easier, saving the time and resource and, as a result, the money spent on a project.

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