Top 5 Ways To Prevent Hacking Attack On Your WordPress Site

The Biggest disappointment is a moment when you come to know that your wordPress blog just got hacked. The more worst situation is that in case you kept no backup of your WordPress blog, you lose all your posts, pages, images and everything from your website. Disappointment rules over your mind and you have no cure of it as well. So, I always advice to prevent any activity that can cause your website hacked by hackers.

Precaution is better than cure.  ~Edward Coke

You really need to be very careful about your WordPress website as many hackers are always looking for a hackable WordPress site and once they find a victim, they do not waste any time hacking it. You can prevent hacking attack by following a few tips and thinking before you click anywhere while online.

Your Login credentials are highly confidential

So far as I consider, you never share your girlfriend’s phone no with your friends or classmates. If you do? All I have to tell you is that the Login credentials of your WordPress website administrator dashboard are very confidential (More than your ATM PIN or Credit Card details). You should keep it the top secret always.

Do not use Week Passwords

Week passwords are easy to crack for hackers. You can avoid your name and phone number in the password field. Use a password and make it a hard nut to crack.

Make Sure you Install a WP security Plugin

Security plugins specially made for WordPress are highly beneficial in the case you wish to keep your WordPress safe from any virus of hacking attack. But mind downloading plugins from directory only. I like BulletProof WP Security plugin as it allows me to keep my blog safe from hacking attacks.

Do not Install any Nulled Script on your website

If you are also fond of downloading nulled-scripts (themes & plugins) to create a fascinating wonderful website, stop doing that. It is good until you do not use them on a living server. Yeah, you read that right. Cracked (Nulled) themes contain malware and hacking scripts also which can result in overall data lost. That’s why you are discouraged to use any nulled script on your personal blog or business website.

Do not Allow anyone to register on your wordpress

This is one of the most common cause of website getting hacked. You can disallow any signup on your blog. This option can be seen in Settings >> Genaral >>Membership section. Until you have someone to guide you about starting a membership website, do not turn this option on. I personally have encountered a spam attack due to the mistake of turning this option on.

Encrypt your URL with a SSL certificate

Keeping your website on http protocol only is the worst security practice by webmasters. If you care your readers and their privacy with a view to get their trust on your website, you ought to try out the best SSL hosting providers.

In case you are already hosted on a fast web hosting service, you can choose any highly trusted SSL certificate provider and keep your website secure. SSL certificate easily makes sure that your readers are safely navigating your website.