[Temok Hosting Review] Quality Servers without a Pocket-hole

How many times have you been promised a great server, only to have been ditched? How many times did you get excited seeing the real time go high, and then suddenly drop to 0. You check your site, and it doesn’t open! Why? Resource limit reached.

Yeah I’ve been there, done that too. And that’s the reason why I’m writing this piece today to help you out with something I found recently, tried it, and fell in love ever since.

Let me be honest, this one’s a review no doubt! I’m definitely pitching you a product, but you should ask yourself that I could pitch you just about any product, right? But still I’m not, instead I’m pitching to you a product which you might not have even heard of!

temok web hosting

Why would I do that if the product isn’t really kick-ass? Yeah good question and now let me answer that!

Temok– An Introduction:-

Okay so hey let me get this straight, Temok is a platform that offers you Kick-ass servers, with Kick-ass domains, at Kick-ass (read dirt-cheap) price!

What’s the lowest you can guess for a server price? $10? $5/month maybe? What if I tell you it’s half that price with Temok! Well no kidding, it really is!

Temok pricings start from as low as $2.99! (I know, that’s like cheaper than your monthly coffee expenses, isn’t it?) And nope just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it compromises on the quality.

temok pricing

Even on this less than $3/month plan, you get a  heavy 50GB STORAGE! And ofcourse you get Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited subdomains! Now trust me, that’s like really huge.

Not to mention the unlimited parked domains you’ll be getting! So yeah now park as many domains as you want, for free! Take my words for it, most of the companies charge a decent domain parking charge!

Ofcourse their highest plan will get you services as awesome as 200GB;’s of Hard disk space! That’s like more than what you’ll need even to run something like Amazon.com probably.

If you’re worried about the smaller modules, then let me tell you that you’d be getting UNLIMITED SQL database too! Included with a Cpanel! So yeah features? They aren’t just gonna stop!

Domain Registration:-

Guess what, they just aren’t gonna stop with the servers! You even get to register your domains with them. In a pretty straight-forward (and ADVANCED) way.

Advanced? Wel yeah they are the only registrar I’ve ever met who let me search for more than one domain at a time!

temok domains

So see? I just use a comma, and they get me all the domain results I want!

Oh hey wait! it’s not over yet! you get to choose from as many as 800+ DIFFERENT DOMAIN EXTENSIONS!

Not to mention their better server plans! Well yeah I’m talking about the VPS and Dedicated ones! They’re totally good with them too!

So if you’ve higher needs, they cater to them too!

Other Services:-

SSL:- Well guess what, SSL is a direct ranking factor which you might already know! It’s a security socket layer that can be added to your servers to make them more secure, and well, verified.

I don’t know how Google calculates it, but having it, boosts your rankings. And well if that’s what you’re looking for, then they’ve got it too!

Website Design:- Just because you need to have a website, doesn’t mean by default that you must be a designer too, right?

And trust me it’s not the easiest job to do in the world. So well yeah if you want an all-in-one package, then you can just get your Domains+ servers + WEBSITE DESIGN TOO from them!

Final Words:-

So yeah folks that was it!

If you don’t have Gates or Buffet as your dads, and are looking for “quality” without burning a hole in your pockets, well then Temok is your answer, simple as that.

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