RedTrack Vs Binom – Affiliate Tracking Solution for 2023

Affiliate marketers are being spoiled with the number of options they are getting these days for ad tracking. 

This article is going to uncover the comparison between RedTrack and Binom. Helping you understand the features behind each of the trackers and giving you understanding which solutions fits your needs better.

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It is very user-friendly for both: beginners and advanced advertisers. Whether you are a solo marketer or a solid ad agency looking for ad tracking & conversion attribution solution, RedTrack got you covered. It is a universal tool that solves a multitude of problems for anyone involved in advertising.  

Features of RedTrack

  • User-friendly and customizable interface
  • Cloud-based tracker with multiple integrations
  • Granular real-time reporting with more than 30 data points for traffic monitoring and analysis. This also includes source, offers, network, Landers and geo (the country or city or region you’re staying in), OS type and versions, and many others. 
  • You can have multi-user access. With this, you can access by RedTrack and involve the teams to have a much better control over the ad campaign performance. 
  • Flexible postback setting allows you to be safe in a cookieless future.
  • RedTrack helps you analyse and prevent traffic at various levels through bot blacklisting, proxy filtering, and fraud-checking. By proxy filtering, we mean the data hive by one of the most accurate data providers. There is also this add on feature that checks your traffic and finds out suspicious behaviour or bots. 
  • The automation feature set. You can set Rules for your campaign performance to stop or get notified about poorly performing campaigns/creatives/landers. 
  • Conversion attribution is probably the feature that highlights RedTrack the most. It helps analyze user funnel and each action user does on a way to a conversion event.
  • Native Facebook Conversion API Integration and ability to verify third-party domain (affiliate landing pages). 
  • Amazing & resourceful customer support
  • Reasonable & transparent pricing models


Binom gives you unique advantages to stay much more ahead of your rivals.

Binom Features 

  • You get a license cost that doesn’t depend on the amount of traffic you send. 
  • It will handle millions of clicks per day. 
  • The click processing time is 5 ms under any server load. 
  • Group campaigns reports can also be collected. 
  • The highest speed of report generating that exists on the market. 
  • Large scale automatic updates every few months. 
  • It has one of the fastest and the most convenient user interfaces. 
  • The average response time is 2 mins before the support system gets in touch with you. 
  • You get a flexible multi-user system with various access rights. 

In comparison to most of the solutions on the market, you will find Binom being one of the fastest and accurate trackers. Super fast reporting, frequent updates and impreessvely responsive UI with an amazing support team. 

Which one to go for? 

To decide which tracker to settle with we recommend identifying your goals first. Each tracker on the market has a unique set of features that can be of help to your particular case. Once you identify the goals and KPIs, try landing a free trial. Both RedTrack and Binom offer a 14-day free trial. These time periods will help you match the goals you have with a set of features tracker offers. 

If we try to compare RedTrack and Binom by the features they provide to marketers, we can see that these solutions are quite different. If Binom sounds like a nice deal for starting affiliate marketers. Pretty low cost ($69/mo) with many features included for basic ad tracking and distribution.

redtrack pricing

RedTrack looks like a more universal solution with different sets of features that can satisfy not only media buyers but also advertisers and agencies.

With introduced conversion attribution it shows in-depth knowledge of the user funnel which can be super helpful if you are looking into scaling and growing your advertising business. The cost is very adaptable to your needs with different pricing plans starting at $49/mo for Basic plan and ending at $1,119 for an Enterprise one. 


It can, therefore, be said that using any of the above mentioned software is totally up to what you need from an ad tracker. 

It is crucial to do your own research before you decide to work with either of the trackers. Pricing aside, look into an ad tracker that adapts to the market change and will be future proof. The market we all work for is very unpredictable and we never know where it’s gonna hit us next.

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