RedTrack vs Voluum – The Best Tracking Tool of 2023

Today people use their smartphones on a daily basis to the fullest. Being so overwhelmed with digital information, we probably won’t even notice an ad billboard outside. So, how do you make sure that you reach the maximum number of people via advertising? 

Your goals can be easily achieved with digital ads. Even when people do not wish to see your ad, they will get an opportunity to view it thanks to targeting. If targeting worked out good and your ad is catchy enough, people will still check your ad even if they don’t need your product. Digital advertising has been growing immensely for the past couple of years and will surely continue to do so.

The best part about digital advertising is that you can keep a track of it and analyze to optimize for better results. You don’t need to wait for reports on the sales, but you can access the performance reports in real time. 

So what is one of the options that can help you to track your ads?

RedTrack and Voluum are considered to be the two most used platforms for tracking ad performance for affiliate marketing and other advertising activities. 

This article covers the basic features and parameters for both trackers. You can compare what either RedTrack or Voluum can offer you before purchasing a subscription. Let’s go! 

Comparing RedTrack vs Voluum

redtrack vs voluum

Here we will go through key features for both trackers for you to make up your mind what fits best your needs. 


RedTrack is a universal solution that really goes beyond simple tracking features. Entities like Comparo Media, 24 Lottos, Mobile Trade, Genesis, and Ynot Media use RedTrack works perfectly for affiliates, advertisers, networks and other businesses. Their features allow you to track performance, conduct a detailed custom analysis, automate your campaigns and report results to all advertising partners. 

redtrack homepage screnshot

Transparency is the reason why RedTrack is a preferred option. In case you are in a partnership or you have to show details, you can use RedTrack in order to report CR thanks to Reporting Portal. Working on advertising within a team wouldn’t be a problem too, with Multi-access feature allowing your partners work from a single account but with different sets of permissions. 

RedTrack offers cookieless tracking via S2S Postback with no redirects, digital fingerprints & other techniques. That makes you feel safe when all the Cookie Updates are coming in full force by 2022.

Furthermore, RedTrack offers 20+ API Integrations for companies like Google, Bing, and Facebook. When it comes to Facebook integration, RedTrack even helps you solve an infamous Facebook Conversion API and helps verify domains (even affiliate landing pages). If you have problems with Facebook ads, consider joining their FB group where they break down all things conversion API.

Native API Integration also helps control your campaigns via Automation functionality. You can stop campaigns, offers, creatives or simply get notified if something goes wrong with your performance. 

And lastly, a cool feature that we found with RedTrack is conversion attribution. It helps you analyze user funnel in order to understand better users’ actions that lead to the conversion. It can sound a bit complex, but if you are looking into scaling your advertising business it surely sounds like a perfect feature! 

redtrack pricing plans in detail

Pricing plays an important role when it comes to choosing a service. Here is how the pricing goes for RedTrack:

  • Basic – $49 per month
  • Pro – $99 per month
  • Team – $199 per month
  • Agency $499 per month

There is an option where you can take up a 14-day trial to properly test the platform before settling with RedTrack. 


Voluum acts as the source to control all of your ads from one place. You do not need to take up different ad tracking services when you have Voluum. Google Ads, FaceBook, Propeller Ads, Taboola, and Mgid have integrated with Voluum to perform better.

voluum homepage

There is no restriction on the type of ad you need to have. Voluum gives you the freedom to choose that. The Anti-Fraud kit makes it easy for you to get bot traffic.

Voluum has a similar Automation feature with RedTrack, however we find that they have less Integrations for that.  Custom rules can be set out for you so that you can make sure Voluum operates the way you want it to.

Voluum is suitable for those people who are into affiliate marketing. The traffic distribution AI would allow you to send out better traffic. There is an option where you will get notifications so that you are always up to date. Even these are manageable to your comfort. 

Voluum supports S2S Postback as well allowing you to not be afraid of cookieless future. However, we find that they still did not implement Facebook CAPI integration which makes it hard if you run Facebook Ads. 

voluum pricing plans

Apart from the features, you should know how the pricing goes. To know more, here are the details:

  • Discover – $69 per month
  • Profile – $149 per month
  • Grow – $449 per month
  • Agency – $999 per month

With Voluum, you can get a chance to try out a free demo. This will help you understand how to go about the service. However, it’s not a free trial like RedTrack offers. If demo is enough for you to make up your mind, consider using Voluum! 

Conclusion: Redtrack vs Voluum

Here are characteristics that relate to both RedTrack and Voluum. They both have similar functionality that makes it hard to decide which is fitting your needs better. 

What Voluum is famous with — poor customer support. They do not keep customer service as their priority. You will find RedTrack responding to customer queries in no time on the contrast!

S2S Postback works for both which is great. But again, Facebook Ads in 2021 can be a problem with Voluum since they don’t support Facebook CAPI. 

Automation as well is a feature for both trackers, but RedTrack allows you to automate more sources. 

When it comes to pricing comparison we have to vivid differences. RedTrack offers 14-day trial when Voluum only a free demo. Also Voluum is a bit more expensive in terms of their plans.

Overall, it seems like Voluum is a perfect solution for beginning affiliate marketer with not many skills. Their feature would make your life easier while advertising. On the contrary, RedTrack helps solve more complex issues and allows you to go in a more custom way. If you have an ambition of starting your agency, network or simply understand how ads work from within — RedTrack should be your choice. 

Vashishtha Kapoor

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