Is the referral program a good monetization model for Bloggers?

Bloggers around the world are consistently looking at new opportunities for monetizing their blogs. Most of them are using Ad networks to generate revenue while others are trying their hands over different other monetization sources. Most of the bloggers still doubt whether referral program is a good monetization model or not? Actually, these bloggers are little confused. This confusion might occur when you are not going with niche specific blog that accompanies with your referral program.

For Example- If you own a ‘Health’ niche blog and you are promoting the sports products then you may not be able to generate decent money. This is because most of the visitors on your website are here for information related to health and they might be interested in health products. But you are promoting the sports products and they will surely not buy them. So, choosing the right referral program is really important.

Is Referral Program a Good Monetization Model for Bloggers?

Ymore moneyes, referral program is a good monetization model for bloggers, but they must utilize its potential cleverly without trying to be foolish with it. Any blogger who owns a ‘SEO’ or ‘Blogging’ or related niche website can definitely opt for Kajamba Referral program that provides you a good opportunity to generate additional income through its referral program. Choosing a niche relevant referral program can surely turn out to be a greatearning source for most of the bloggers. If you are blogging on above specified niches then you should give a try to Kajamba Referral program.

What is there for Bloggers in Kajamba Referral Program?

Kajamba is one of the leading high CPM ad networks around the world. It has marked an exponential growth over the years and the numbers of publishers & advertisers associated with it are increasing day by day. Not only has it provided the opportunity to earn through its CPM ads, but is has also provided an opportunity to earn through its referral program. The bloggers can utilize this opportunity and can earn extra income apart from Kajamba’s CPM ads. They only need to promote Kajamba Ad network through their affiliate link. The promotion can be done anywhere.

Kajamba referral program offers you an opportunity to make up to $150 or 25 percent of total commission from your referral’s first year earning. There is hardly any ad network that provides you an opportunity to make $150 with its referral program. Signing up with Kajamba referral program takes less than a minute and you will get your referral link to promote as soon as you sign up. All you need to do is to promote that link and encourage the publishers to join Kajamba Ad Program through your referral link.

Why joining Referral Program can be Beneficial for Bloggers?

You might have understood the need of joining a referral program till now. Still, the people who haven’t got it till now, we have listed some of the benefits of going with a referral program.

  • Referral program provides you opportunity to earn extra income apart from other monetization sources.
  • All you have to do is to promote your referral links and encourage people to opt for the services or buy products.
  • There is an endless scope in using the referral program and it has unlimited earning potential.
  • A plenty of referral programs are available online that you can join according to your blog niche.

Every blogger wishes to earn more through his/her blog. In order to earn more, one needs to put an extra effort. Ad networks do pay well, but you should always seek for some additional source of income. This is why one must try referral program while monetizing the blog and should select the niche relevant referral program to unleash its earning potential.

Top 3 Best Referral Programs for a Blog Related to SEO Niche

If you have a blog on SEO Niche then here are the top 3 referral programs to try your hands on. You should surely give them a try.

Kajamba Referral Program

Kajamba is a phenomenal high CPM network that provides relevantly high CPM rates as compared to its competitors. It can also be treated as replacement of Google Adsense and can also be used in Adsense disabled websites. Kajamba lets its users to make extra money through its referral program. They just need to register with Kajamba Referral Program and promote their referral link encouraging the publishers to sign up with Kajamba. They can gain up to $150 commission for every referral they make.It even provides 25 percent commission on first year earnings of your referral.

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Bidvertiser Referral Program

Bidvertiser is another great ad networks that provides revenue on the basis of CPC. It even provides the opportunity to join its referral program and make extra revenue. The referral program of Bidvertiser is both for publishers as well as the advertisers. If your referral joins Bidvertiser as advertiser then you will be getting $5 for spent of $10 by the advertiser. When he/she joins as publisher then you get $10 when he/she makes $10, $40 when he/she makes $50 or above amount. Payments are processed through PayPal if threshold of $10 has been reached.

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Infolinks is another widely used ad networks that has its own referral program for the users. The referral program of Infolinks is simple to understand.If any publisher joins through your referral then you will be getting about 10% commissions from first year earning of that publisher. You can make up to $100 through Infolinks referral program.

Final Words

A referral program is always a good monetization model for any blogger unless he/she chooses non-niche specific referral program. It provides the blogger with extra income and stabilizes his/her earnings. It is advisable to every blogger to opt for a referral program like that of Kajamba. Make sure that the niche of referral program must match the niche of your blog so that you get higher conversions.

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