Top 10 Responsive Blogger Templates of 2017

Being a blogger is a very interesting thing that allows you to express you thoughts and views over certain things among readers who interact with you digitally. There are millions of blogger and writers around the world but some of them lack behind because of the lack of popularity. “Blogger” (by Google) gives you a platform to such writers and bloggers to show their potential to a vast number of people through the power of internet around the world.

Template forms a way for such bloggers and writers to express the best they can through the editing to their work with simple internet accessibility. You can Craft, Design, Decorate and demonstrate your blog in the way you love using a decent responsive blogger template. While I am much into WordPress Design and themes, I still promote Blogger platform because you need not spend more than the cost of a domain to kickstart your first professional looking blog. Well, Fastest WordPress themes are also there and you can check them out too.

There are a number of such templates provided by different designers and developers. Here are some of the best and responsive blogger templates that have a great popularity in 2017. So, let’s have a look at them.

1. Timeline

TimeLine blogger templates

Want something like the timeline of FaceBook? ‘Timeline’ is the template that would provide the facilities required by any daily user. It suits best for the people looking for something on which they can upload their content daily. Due to its responsiveness, it allows the display to any size of the screen may it be in mobile phone or laptop. It comes with an SEO friendly environment and, also, facilitates cross- browsing capabilities to be able to have popular browsers. Also, the template is ad- friendly as one can feature various ads on the blog. Its easy installation feature helps the user to upload the content of daily bases.

2. Fashion blogger

Fashion blogger template

A number of customization available on the template and works as a virtual story- teller, Fashion blogger is the mostly used template that suits best for the fashion lovers. It gives you the freedom to design your own template the way you have always wanted it to be like with manipulation of color, widgets, fonts, and social media icons used in social media marketing. The significant blogs can be shared in the slider form. Also, the template can be found image friendly as many images could be used to make the content more attractive.

3. Viral Mag

ViralMag blogger template

Want something where you can display your fantasy to the world? Viral Mag provides you a way to which you can represent your ideas in a unique and beautiful manner. Its layout and design make it look best for the magazine user and designers. The contents can be displayed in different ways depending on the exposure of the significant one. Its multi- author box helps the readers to know about the author with relevant information. It can be found compatible with different browsers and SEO friendly, apart from being a responsive template. The variety of fonts and colors to be chosen forms a way through which the user can have what they want.

4. Avocet

Avocet blogger template

For the people who want something in which they can show their talent of writing multiple blogs in a classic template, Avocet is the one they should go with. Such template is meant for the people who love writing about the fashion world, food blogs as well as travel writing. With the amazing typographic feature and liberty for using spaces may help the users to attract more and more readers. The template comes with four headers, three slides and main layout which could be manipulated within few minutes by looking at the responsiveness of it. It works hard to keep your blogs at the height on any search engine.

5. Gamer

Gamer blogger template

For the people who want something unique to display their love for games, Gamer is the best template for them. It provides the freedom to represent the news feeds, reviews and latest games on their template with SEO optimization and classic theme layout of the template. The validation require is HTML5 and css3 code that will make its SEO friendly feature more enjoyable. Just keep expressing your thought in the form of words through Gamer which will keep it simple and professional at the same time. Set your favorite layout and color of your choice and enjoy the craziness of being a game lover.

6. Food and lifestyle blog

Food Blog blogger template

Makin the template best for the people who want to represent their thoughts about food and lifestyle, Food and Lifestyle blogs is the one that comes with the decorous display. With the usage of correct color combination, the contents and thought were written will be taken care with great responsiveness. The template can be found best for the people who are personal bloggers and looking for the best way to display their content. It comes with a number of features out of which making it SEO friendly is one.

7. Perk Misty

Perk Mistry blogger template

If the user wants something unique yet graceful, Perk Misty is the thing to go with because it displays the content with all the required forms of a magazine. It is made all SEO friendly and meant for the people who are looking for a perfect rank booster of the content to be on the top of every search engine. The template comes with a feature that provides various icons to be used in social media marketing platform. The user can enjoy the liberty as it allows them to have a beautiful picture as the background of their ‘online magazine’.

8. Minimalist

Minimalist blogger templates

Looking for something that can define the elegance and bright thoughts of your content? The title of the template says it all about the elegance of the design that displays the number of contents in the form of a grid. It is known as one of the best responsive templates because of its SEO friendly nature and availability in two form according to the requirement- carousal and slider. It comes with the feature to resize the thumbnail image which is beneficial for the people who use smartphone quite often and can enjoy the same look of the website they have on their laptops. This template is meant especially for the personal bloggers.

9. Sugar

Sugar Blogger Template

As far as elegance is concerned, one should be able to depict their content with the best- suited template. The ‘Sugar’ blog help you in making your representation as good as the sweetness of sugar through its well- cut design and beautiful and bright color combination. Talking about the features, the template comes with SEO optimization, newsletter subscription, comments, widgets, cross- browsing facility and much more. Sugar template can be found best for the personal blogging that would present the blog in a magnificent way through its sophisticated design.

10. Feminist

Feminist blogger template

If the user is looking for something that can truly define the feminism, ‘feminist’ is a perfect template to go with. A perfect way to represent one’s content, Feminism provides two- column blogging pattern along with a sidebar to show the names. Along with it, the theme is created SEO friendly that easily helps in finding the results of the search. Also, the template has more features such as subscription, personal page, bookmarking icons for a social world and much more. The femininity is also described through its color as everything could be found in the shape of pink color in icons, background and in other options.

Over to U…

After considering a variety of templates to be used in blogging, one could pick out the best one and enjoy their internet blogging experience. Out of all the templates, we have talked about, they offer a great help in the form of display satisfaction as well as SEO optimization to make it readable to a number of readers. So, pick out the one that suits the most to your style and keep blogging.

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