Saving the battery life of your smartphone the right way

Internet, whatsapp, facebook or gaming whatever you do on your smartphone, consumes the battery which is charged after a long long distances from your phone in the charging spot. And none like his phone showing “Battery Low” which an awkward red signal there. LOL 😛


mine state is a but different because the battery capacity of my smartphone is around 3000mAh which gives me a long battery life. But I know many who always complain their phone’s battery life.

there are so many ways to improve the performance of your smartphone and following these tricks and tips, I am sure that you will be finding your phone performing a bit more.

Turn the Open Wifi Search off Always

maybe your wifi is off but the open wifi lookup can be turned off which consumes your battery and notify you about an open Wifi connection available around you. If you turn it off, the battery life will increase by 10-15 minutes.

Do you close recent apps ?

Yeah, If you just open an application in the mobile and forget closing it from the recent processes, it harm your battery life. Just hold your home button in older version of Android and option button in Lollipop and higher versions and trash all the background processes. it is helpful in boosting the battery life by more 10-20 minutes.

Auto-sync will use internet in background even if the app is not in the process

You don’t use Gmail in your phone? but your phone notify you about new emails and chats? If this thing also happens with you, this is a big disgusting and irritating as well. On the back, it consumes battery.

Go to Settings >> Data Usage >> Options  >> untick the auto sync >> Done

Turn of Vibrations (the big thing)


Vibration is generated with an electric motor somewhere inside your phone’s body and turning it on always does not let your better perform the way it should be performing. You can turn it off by puting your phone in General mode forever. If you are in a meeting, silent mode is better than Meeting mode. 😛 really.

Having a Compatible Charger is the key to a better performing battery

Charging your phone with non-compatible charger already spoils the battery life of your phone and even after implementing the above tips, you won’t be finding any improvement if you’re still charging it with a low capacity charge of from an Inverter current.

Play with the brightness and be happy

Yup, you got that right. Low brightness always works well. You can save 40% of the battery by keeping it in minimum brightness. Increase it only if it is required. While you’re outdoor, you can increase and the rest of the time, zero brightness is recommended.

Disable Location and GPS

You can turn off the location settings. The phone should not be tracking the location either way.

There are three things which are telling you about your location. GPS, Wifi and your normal Data connection.

I always keep this settings off and whenever I have to use this feature, I use it in less accuracy mode because I never ever have been in a situation where I want my exact location. LOL 😛