SchemaNinja Review and Recommendation WordPress Plugin Critical Review

SchemaNinja is a highly intuitive wordpress plugin that incorporate rich text markup on your website and makes reviews and recommendations shown on search engine results in a seriously effective way. You can download this polished wordpress plugin from for FREE.

I came through different aspects about the features of the plugin. I am writing this review in below points to tell you about my real experience with the plugin.

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  1. Rich text markup (Structured Data)

When you write a review, it is damn necessary to visualize a star rating in the beginning of the article to help readers better anticipate how good the product is. Not only on your website but also it has to be shown on the search engines results as well to attract most of the traffic organically.

SchemaNinja proves to be one of the best wordpress plugin to help you getting the star rating displayed in the search results snippet.


When the plugin started conflicting with other plugins and roasting the user experience of my website, it made me feel bad. However, with a change of theme everything got better. Especially the CSS changes were brutal.

However, a theme change can resolve all the problems of design.


If you’re in a position where you can’t change the theme right away and can’t uninstall the plugin as well, You’re compelled to hire a dedicated wordpress developer and designer to fix all the issues.

It specially happens when it is about a niche site of yours that is ranking well. You’re afraid of making any BIG change in the theme which may result in the downfall.

  1. Plugin Support

I found many difficulties while using and judging the performance of the plugin. And as obvious it is, I asked for support from the team to help me tackle the problem, they were really fast.

It is not about actually having a problem. Even if I had a little doubt, they never found me irritating to answer. And that’s what I like about the support.

  1. Boost In Revenue

The recommendation feature of the plugin is near-perfect, outspoken and purposefully developed to boost up your affiliate earnings.

schemaninja recommendation plugin

If your monetization is based on AdSense only, You must take a look on AdSense WordPress theme which is perfectly compatible with SchemaNinja wordpress plugin.

  1. Easy to Use

schemaninja review box

At one hand the support provided by the team is outstanding. The plugin is easy to use on the other hand. There is not even a single thing that could irritate me while having my hands on the plugin (talking about the backend.)

But everyone is not a genius. Some people are like Akshay Kumar, my friend who need a script to work accordingly.

schemaninja review preview

SchemaNinja had a really extensive and helpful support article which helped me a lot in understanding things. Here’s How to use SchemaNinja WordPress Plugin. Advice: Make sure you activate the plugin with the API you’ll receive in your email after purchase.

The Recommendation feature was a little mess. But once I learned how to use the recommendations and make the sidebar widget, it went really smooth.

Comparison with other review plugins

There are a few more plugins that are capable of implementing the review rich snippets such as WP review by MyThemeShop, Product Reviews by Themeisle and AuthorH Review.

FeatureWP Review MythemeShopProduct Reviews ThemeisleSchema Ninja
Pros and ConsNoYesYes
Star ratingYesYesYes
Product imageNoYesNo
Lists of ReviewsYesYesYes
 Download Download Download

Above comparison proves that SchemaNinja is better than any review wordpress plugin with a feature that no other plugin has. WP review by MyThemeShop plugin also offers a free sidebar widget to show latest reviews.

But those reviews are linked to the review article. But SchemaNinja has actually innovated in this section. This plugin allows you to show a picture of reviewed item along with links to its original review post and affiliate landing page.

It seems like I am getting sweet with Schema Ninja. But seriously it has a set of features that no other plugin of this kind can avail you for FREE.

But I am not totally satisfied…

In the previous version of the plugin, there was an option to put the reviewed item’s title. This was helping my site’s reader to better understand for which product there ratings were.

And the latest version has removed that title section.

However, I made $$$

Even after disliking the plugin’s appearance, I made a mistake to still keep using it on my blog. And the miracle happened when I found some increase in my affiliate sales.

The website from which I made that revenue is yet a secret. And I am not looking to uninstall the plugin in near-future.

Who does not like money coming in?

My site could make 300$ more than the average monthly revenue. It happened in the third month when I started using it. As it is said, your Network is your Net worth.

I thought. If my site visitors are happy, Why I should delete the plugin from my site.

And a GOOD news

No loads for your pockets. This purposefully developed, extensively documented and uniquely designed schemaninja wordpress plugin can be downloaded for FREE from


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