The Truth Behind SEO Hosting | Dedicated IP helps or just a crap?

I am sure you have been reading articles saying Hosting matters on your SEO (SEO Hosting). But all they do explain is the website speed is the reason behind this.

But this is not a cool explanation to figure out the importance of SEO hosting.

Let me tell you a number of reasons what makes your website rank better just by purchasing web hosting smartly. (You still need quality content and powerful backlinks but a little less efforts)

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A bunch of sites hosted on a single IP are linking to yours?

Google like dofollow backlinks pointing to your site. But these sites must be different (like you make sure that you write unique content for any contextual backlink).

But Google is smarter. It can easily acknowledge on which IP you’re hosting your website.

Any BAD site hosted on the same IP is also a sign that somehow your website is affiliated with it. Better you get a dedicated IP.

What you have got to do now?

  • Check on which IP you are hosting your website using the Reverse IP check and make a list of other sites using the same IP.
  • Test whether any of the site is having BAD link profile or not?
  • Move your site to a different hosting or dedicated IP if you find something suspicious.

While the above steps will screw anyone’s mind, purchasing a dedicated IP is a better option.

Just imagine you have a network of blogs and you have connected them all by exchanging backlinks with each other. Google knows that all sites are the apple of a single plate and trying to manipulate rankings only.

Separate Cpanel Hosting

Suppose you got a shared hosting account where you can add maximum of 3 websites under a single cPanel account. How you add it?

Using an Add-on domain?

What happens next?

It simply parks another domain on your domain and make a directory for the domain. This new add-on domain has a subfolder under the main domain. This main domain is the identity of your cPanel account under the server Admin.

For example.

Domain – is the primary domain. And is an additional domain. Now what happens in a single cPanel shared hosting is –

It makes a folder /abc in the directory of xyz’s public_html

Now try opening in your web browser (where xyz is your primary domain and abc is an addon domain.)

Oh Crap. It opens your on Holy Shit?

Cons of hosting all the wordpress sites in a single cPanel shared hosting –

  • You can access the site by using the addon domain as a subdomain of your primary domain also.
  • The public_html of the primary domain can open the directory of other domains as well
  • You can not give the login credentials to a client (he can ruin other sites on the server and that too in ignorance.)
  • Your SEO efforts and security are at risk.

What to do?

Hoststage offers 10 cPanel accounts along with a WHM access to administrate your website in a professional way. You can manage it like a web hosting server admin because Hoststage’s shared hosting give you access to a Web Hosting manager (WHM).

Pros of using multiple cPanel shared hosting-

  • Different Login credentials for every domain
  • You can easily purchase a dedicated IP for just $2 per month.
  • Your SSL is not shared at all.

Wrapping Up

While your website speed still matters a lot on your website rankings on google, SEO hosting is yet a ranking signal.

Furthermore, many gentlemen will tell you that this is a myth. However, this is practical enough that you can understand. Would you like to host your website on same server where someone else is hosting a po*n or gambling site?

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