Best SEO Optimized Blogger Templates of 2017

While I am blogging on WordPress content management, I am not forgetting my days when I used to look for blogger templates madly as a FREE medium of writing a blog for money. Blogger templates can easily make a blog graphically attractive and technically much better as to SEO, Social media and lot more. I have also been searching best SEO ready blogger templates back in 2015 and 2016 and so on for my small niche sites that are hosted on FREE Blogspot platform.

So, that’s why I have come up with a quick large list of Best SEO blogger templates for your blog that is elegant and sexy in appearance and code as well.

with the help of my power of remembering things very hard, I managed to find blogger templates that giveĀ you a feel of WordPress. šŸ˜›

Ok, let’s go for it.

#1. Flat mag SEO friendly Blogger template

flatmag blogger template

The simple and intuitive design with clean responsive code helped me a lot to craft my first blog as a professional one. I have been using this template and used to rank some good competitive keywords back in 2015

For the best of your knowledge, I still use this template on that blog even after getting that custom domain expired (it is now on

Features of FlatMag theme

  1. Fast loading and SEO optimized
  2. Three column Homepage
  3. Sticky Header and navigation
  4. Footer widgets four column
  5. Breadcrumbs for better SEO

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Seeing this template from a FREE product point of view, It is well-coded and nicely designed while it still looks like an average FREE blogger template. And you know this very well that the right choice of widgets matter a lot to turnĀ an ugly template into a professional one.

This is how templates work. All you need to make your own blog look professional, elegant and classy would be

  1. Good Content
  2. High-Quality Stock Images
  3. Right choice of widgets
  4. Better Ad Placement

#2. Simplify

simplify blogger template

My small niche sites and simplify blogger template work great for me to bring a number of bucks to my pocket. As all these sites get organic traffic, undoubtedly, everything is fine with its compatibility and friendliness with Google bot.

Features worth a list

  1. SEO friendly
  2. Social Media optimized (cool sharing buttons)
  3. Sidebar BIG social media profile buttons
  4. Shortcodes for adding videos
  5. Custom list and code preview
  6. Author box support
  7. Ads Ready – Adsense Friendly
  8. Drop Caps to enlarge the first letter of a paragraph
  9. Custom Buttons shortcodes

It does one thing not good which is getting whole post content on the homepage and showing only excerpt. There is nothing wrong you would be able to see in this unless you view the page source.

I Hope you could understand after looking at the source code of the page.

Well, I amĀ using read more tags to get this fixed and make my small blogs SEOĀ optimized.

#3. G Vusion 2

G vusion 2 blogger template

Yes another responsive creation by Arlina Design and an awesome SEO score for the template. Some themes are elegant and attractive when you see them but are worst coded themes ever.


This is not the scene of G Vusion 2 blogger template.

#4. Elice Blogger Template – Genesis Blogger Template

elice blogger template

elice blogger template posts seo friendly

It actually resembles a Genesis child theme (Generate Pro). However, it looks very professional and a graphically intuitive blogger theme. Talking about the code which is neat, clean, fast and well-written helps you rank higher that your competitors on Google.

No TemplateĀ Rating
3G Vusion 24

Final Verdict on Best SEO friendly Blogger Templates

It is all up to you that how neat and clean blog you can maintain. You just have to keep if clutterless.

Well, any of the above free SEO optimized blogger templates can help you rank higher.

However, the comments form is still there. Let’s talk about it.

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