6 SEO Techniques that’ll Double your Search Traffic

Traffic is everything in online business. To this, you need to employ techniques that can increase your search traffic. Below are 6 SEO techniques that you can use:

SEO Techniques 2018


Design highly SEO optimised landing pages

It is unfortunate that not many companies understand the importance of this technique. Well designed landing pages are zesters that generate leads and makes huge amounts of sales.  More landing pages create more channels for incoming search traffic.

As much as the home page is equally important, landing pages are platforms where you initiate these strong relationships with your users. The extra mile by professionals to incorporate neat graphics and modern, clean layout can entirely be a game changer for them towards driving huge numbers of traffic.

Superb landing pages have the following key elements:

  1. Zero navigation so that your users can stay on the page
  2. Useful and informative content
  3. A call to action

Mobile-user friendliness

Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure your site performs flawlessly and looks great on mobile devices. This is because of Google’s update to their search engine algorithm which changed how sites rank on SERPs. The update saw mobile responsiveness of sites become a major determinant on how sites are ranked.

On a daily basis, more than 60% of searches occur on a mobile device.

To ensure that your site is great on mobile:

  1. Site speed has to be fast
  2. The design on the mobile has to be similar to that on your desktop

Employ infographics

The use of infographics is popular because they allow one to display complex data in an easy to understand format. More than 65% of people being visual learners, using graphics plays a bigger role than just using text alone.

Employing quality infographics can give you an increase in traffic by 193%. You might wonder why it is not working for you. Surprisingly, many people fail to pay attention to the ‘info’ segment, thus focusing on graphics alone. Great design is equally important, but you need to have enough and quality facts to back it up.

Studies have severally shown that infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than regular text posts. On average, your site will grow traffic 12% faster if you use infographics than those that don’t.

You might ask why users and consumers are more interested in infographics. According to science, the human brain can process visual data 600,000 times faster as compared to textual data. This is saying that 90% of the information transmitted to an individual’s brain is mostly visual.

Consider RankBrain when developing content

The third most important ranking factor for Google is RankBrain.  This artificial intelligence system is useful in analysing search results.  Using its intelligence, it can learn what your content is about and how it relates to the keywords that users are searching for.

It can differentiate between apple the company and apple the fruit. The essence of RankBrain is to tell Google’s spiders how to index your content as per your intent. Therefore, there is no need for you to stuff keywords into your content for your intent to be understood. This will be termed as bad SEO and can earn you a reservation in the trunk of those sites stroked off the search results.

Write round-up posts often

A roundup post is a compilation of the best about a certain topic that received contributions from various experts. Such a post gives your audience varied viewpoints on a single topic, growing your traffic and consequently, your SEO rankings.

The technique is beneficial as it allows you to get your content in front of some new audiences courtesy of the experts you interviewed.

How then can you create a roundup post that grows your search traffic?

  1. Come up with a topic and relevant questions to ask your experts
  2. List down your experts and reach them out through their social media handles, email addresses or even their phone numbers if you’re able to find them
  3. Ask them for their opinion on your preferred topic, also hinting that you’ll link back their sites as a way of thanking them for their contributions
  4. Use their responses to write and publish a post
  5. Ask them to share the post with their audiences

Learn what online users want

The truth is that Google’s objective is not in advertising. It is a data company.

All tools that Google develops or designs are purposed to collect data from its users and use it in building a stronger and efficient search engine.

This needs you to think of yourself like Google, a huge data company. This will enable you to focus on what your audience wants. With this understanding of what they truly want, you can develop appealing content which draws them in.

To understand what your users want, you can encourage feedback so that it can guide you on how to create your content. Your audience’s opinions matter. It is the public who determine whose articles, products, concepts or ideas get funded or even shared.

To create exceptional content:

  1. Review queries presented by your users
  2. Infuse ideas from experts to your writing
  3. Use long tail keywords in your content. Also, employ short and specific keywords which you can track easily. Use https://serpbook.com to track all your keywords and see how they are performing.