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Microsoft PowerPoint is the top-leading presentation software to create and deliver presentations. With more than 1.2 billion users on the planet, PowerPoint is the de-facto standard for presentations, even if there are some new entrants to the market like Google Slides.

Most of the people prefer PowerPoint because of its intuitive interface, simplicity and innovative tools that help in creating remarkable presentations. Also, it is part of Microsoft Office, and it is a standard suite in many business environments, used by top Fortune 500 companies. Although, it’s the preferred presentation tool, but you still require a lot of time to prepare your slide deck using appealing graphics toward delivering effective presentations.

For users concerned on how to be more productivity creating presentations, SlideModel is the way to go. SlideModel helps the PowerPoint & Google Slides users to make professional presentations with a minimal effort. In this article, you will get a complete overview of SlideModel and how it can change the quality of your presentations while reducing the efforts.

What is SlideModel?

slidemodel homepage 12k is a provider of presentation templates. They help the presenters, especially PowerPoint users, to make impressive presentations without requiring exceptional skills. It gives you the access to a fast-growing catalog of presentation templates, currently more than 12,000 slide designs are published and the website states that this catalog is updated frequently. At SlideModel, they regularly update their gallery with modern trends and market demands to satisfy their subscribers. Interestingly, I have contacted SlideModel directly inquiring about the growth of the catalog and the answer I got was that an average of five new templates is published every week.

The subscribers of SlideModel can easily download any template and edit as per their requirements. Although, you will easily find templates in almost every niche, you can also talk to their support team to find the best possible options. In this article, we will try to highlight how SlideModel takes your presentation making to a whole new level.

PowerPoint Templates

This section provides you with a complete view of the gallery content. The content is sorted by date, which allows you to check the recent additions without any navigation. If you want to find a template in a specific niche, you can use the filter and navigate through sub-sections.

After selecting the desired template, you can download it and customize as per your requirements.

Template Backgrounds

Sometimes you feel that empty background is ruining the entire look of your presentation. It’s always a good idea to fill the blanks with a beautiful background. The site gives you access to hundreds of themed presentation backgrounds very useful for presentations on medicine, retail, school, real estate, education and more.

Presentation Diagrams

awesome tree diagram

If you want to get rid of traditional bullet lists and tables, then the diagrams section available at SlideModel can be a good starting point. From here, you can browse dozens of slide designs and graphics that can be used as an alternative to traditional bullet lists.

The category further expands in to funnel diagrams, circular diagrams, tree diagrams and more. All of these graphics are very useful and popular in business presentations. Once you start using this feature, you will realize that there are limitless opportunities to present your data in a more creative way. It doesn’t only improve your presentation look, but it also helps to explain topics and ideas to the audience in a better manner.

Data and Charts

To impress the audience with your presentation, you can use creative diagrams, metaphors and visualization ideas that help to convey a message in an effective way. Summarize the company data, analytics and concepts with modern charts and visualization ideas can increase the chances to make a successful presentation.

The Data & Charts section available at SlideModel can help you to find data-driven charts that are very easy to edit in PowerPoint and Excel. These charts can be very useful to present the data in a beautiful way.

PowerPoint Maps


The Maps section of SlideModel provides you with the maps of individual countries, their state’s outlines, and regional maps. They are easy to use and customizable. You can ungroup a map and edit your desired region as per your requirements. The editable maps can help to make a presentation for sales or to explain a business going global into emerging markets (helping to explain the internationalization process).

PowerPoint Shapes

The use of professional shapes is highly recommended in any kind of presentation. PowerPoint Shapes are highly appreciated by the audience since it helps in understanding the thing while avoiding the text.

At SlideModel, you can find a huge catalog of 2D and 3D shapes. These shapes are easily customizable in case you want to change the size or color to match with the presentation.

How to download a template from SlideModel?

SlideModel is very easy to use even if you are a beginner. There is no such rocket science in downloading a template from the website. However, in order to access the entire catalog of templates you would require having an active subscription.

  1. First of all, you need to login to your account and select a plan as per your requirements.
  2. Once you have subscribed to the SlideModel, you need to visit the PowerPoint template section.
  3. Navigate through the section and select your desired template. There is also a “Search” option if required.
  4. Click on your desired template and it will take you to the download page.
  5. The download page will give you all the information regarding the template along with screenshots. Check the screenshots to get an idea how it really looks like.
  6. Now, click on the template and it will be saved on your computer and the template can be used offline.

Pricing Plans

SlideModel offers very flexible pricing plans that fit with each and everyone’s requirements. They have offered four plans including:

  • One Day Plan: It gives you access to the premium templates for one day. Using this plan, you can only download 5 items.
  • 3-Month Basic: It allows you to download 100 items in one month. You can only download 10 items each day. It expires after three months.
  • Annual Basic: The plan gives you access to 200 downloads per month. The plan restricts you to 50 downloads each day.
  • Annual Unlimited: Here comes the most popular pricing plan of SlideModel. It gives you unlimited downloads with no limit on per day downloads as well. Annual Unlimited provides you with licensing for 10 employees. Furthermore, it allows you to save to cloud accounts including Google Drive and Dropbox.

Editor’s Note

Lack of time is one of the major issues while preparing presentations. Instead of investing extra time focusing on the details, presenters can rely on existing presentation templates with pre-made graphics and slide layouts that can help to boost the productivity.

SlideModel offers thousands of high-quality design templates for presentations. It is a productivity resource for new and existing Microsoft PowerPoint users. Undoubtedly, it helps you in creating professional presentations with a minimal effort.

Before writing this review, I have subscribed to One Day Plan to check it personally. When I used this tool and prepared my presentation, there was a clear difference in time-spending and quality of presentation.

Least but not least important, it is interesting to remark the templates provided by SlideModel are compatible with other presentation tools, like Google Slides, OpenOffice and Keynote.