Make Your Business Visible Among Millennials With Snapchat Advertisement

Every Product Requires Advertising – You Know That

In this present world where everything is a competition, no one can survive without adequate promotion for his or her brand or product.

Yes the quality matters, what also matters is the fact that how well you communicate the knowledge about your brand or product to the potential customers.

How well your product may be, people cannot know about it unless you make them know about it.

So we can easily say with enough proofs that without adequate promotion about your brand, no business can succeed no matter how hard they try to improve their product or enhance its usability.

Also, we can see that in the present world social media has brought new ways to think about life.

Many new avenues have opened up for various promotion techniques.

New avenues for promotion- Social Media

Snapchat Advertisement

Through social media, many brands indulge in cheap advertising which can be easily done by hiring ambassadors, or the making of a Facebook or Instagram page for their particular brand.

At the same time, many organizations pay celebrities to promote their products via their posts.

Future Of Marketing With Snapchat Advertisement

Snapchat Advertisement

Snapchat advertising is one such market. By advertising on Snapchat, one can gain access to all 166 million users daily watching more than 7 million videos on a day to day basis.

With such large user base, it is one market that no one can ignore.

Also since the user base of Snapchat is mainly based on the age group of 18 to 34-year-old, one can easily target the young age group of audience for promotion.

With such a widespread user base, there is no doubt in the fact that Snapchat advertising is one of the most effective that one can find.

The statistics also suggest that it is one of the most effective ways to advertise your product since it provides help to increase the purchase intent twice of what TV advertising provides.

These are some impressive statistics given the fact that social media marketing is much cheaper than that on the television.

So we can easily say that in the present scenario, Snapchat advertising is one of the best you can find.

Also with the various options available in Snapchat, like stories, geotags etc, advertisements can be of various forms, which can be selected on the basis of their adequacy.

1. Lenses sponsored by third parties

Make Your Business Visible Among Millennials With Snapchat Advertisement

These are an effective in a fun way to promote your product. Any product that needs to be promoted can easily be advertised by developing some lenses specific to the concerned product.

It is the most interactive way to promote your product since one-third of the daily Snapchat users play with the lenses available.

If a product-specific lens is developed by a company then the users would try them out and would gain information about their product.

It is the most fun ways in which a product can be promoted.

2. Snap Advertisements

Make Your Business Visible Among Millennials With Snapchat Advertisement


The most basic way to promote on Snapchat, the company can send out snaps with a 10 second video or a picture where the snap can be swiped up to gain more information about the product by redirecting the user to the company’s website or an extended video of the product.

It is the most basic way but still a much effective one when advertising on Snapchat.

3. Unlocking Snaps

Make Your Business Visible Among Millennials With Snapchat Advertisement

There is also an innovative way to promote a product on Snapchat. Any Snapcode can be developed through which the customers can scan the code and unlock a new sponsored lens, or a new snap which provides vital information about the product to the customer.

A Snapcode can be developed very cheaply, and they can be set up on billboards, mirrors, panels, cups, mugs or any other physical media so that the consumers can scan the codes and gain more information about the product.

The positive thing about this method is that no matter what the product is, a Snapchat user is attracted towards scanning the code in the name of curiosity.

So we can see the there are many ways to promote on Snapchat very cheaply and effectively.

But the question is how.

How To Promote Using Snapchat

Make Your Business Visible Among Millennials With Snapchat Advertisement

The Geofilters, on-demand Snaps, or Snapcodes may be cheap, but their cost depends on their credentials.

The cost of a tool, say a geo-filter depends on the duration for which you make the geo-filter available, as long the duration, more the people have access to the filter.

Also, various different geographical locations hold different rates. On an average, it was found that $13 were needed to make a geo-filter available for two days on Snapchat.

But the days of going through the Snapchat communities and contacting various people are a part of the past, since, in June 2017, Snap Inc released a separate app to manage Snapchat advertisements in a convenient way.

How To Use Snapchat Advertisement Manager

Snapchat Advertisement

Thus emerged Snapchat Ad Manager, a dedicated app for Snapchat advertisers where they could easily manage their advertising campaigns through Snapchat without going through the app on its own.

Now the snap ads can be efficiently bought through the app itself. With the integration of credit card payment within the app itself, the process has never been easier.

Now we go through the process of creating a Snap advertisement. It is not a difficult task in itself, but it has been further simplified by the advent of Snapchat Ad Manager.

1. Creation Of a Campaign

First, a new campaign needs to be initiated from the dashboard within the app.

Here the objective of the project itself needs to be known by the advertiser, according to which the schedule needs to be set.

2. Specification of an Ad Budget

Then according to the financial means available the budget of the advertisement to be made through social media needs to be specified within the app itself.

3. Choosing a target audience

This is one of the core decisions that need to be taken when an advertisement is to be developed. At target audience needs to be chosen on the basis of the geographical location that you need to spread the advertisement into, and when it is done you need to put in the age groups of the people you want to target through your product.

The cost of advertisement varies according to the area of the geographical location that you have selected and also according to the location selected.

Also, the cost that you will be charged depends on the duration for which you want to run your advertisement within the social media, whether it be through stories, snaps or long videos itself.

4. Setting up the advertisement

When this is done, you need to select what type of advertisement you want to run within Snapchat. There are many options to choose from namely snap ads, long videos, stories etc.

When it is done you need to go on to the next page to create your snap ad page. There you need to fill in all the required credentials and then launch the campaign.

Snapchat also provides its own video editor so that you can create files according to the media framework required.

Once it is done you can launch your campaign and your advertisement is sent for review to Snap Incorporated.

The Future of Advertising- Transitions and Changes

As we can see, the advertising in the present scenario has changed leaps and bounds.

From papers to brochures, from brochures to media, and from media to social media, the world has come a long way.

So it is the time that the promotion process stays one step ahead so that your business grows leaps and bounds too.