Enhance your Productivity with Snov.io Email Validator & Outreach Tool

Are you a business development executive or sales representative for your organisation? Or do you want to enhance the way you outreach to your business prospects? Then this article is for you. Most people use LinkedIn for this purpose, but it is quite hard for them to find the email address for each prospect. Using an email lookup tool it is possible to land 60% of your emails in the right inbox. This approach consumes a lot of your time in making different variations of a business email and then check them all in a verifier.

In this discussion, I am going to talk about an email validator tool with an inbuilt system to find emails of your LinkedIn connections through the chrome extension. It can do a bunch of other tasks for you like:

  • Finding the email of your LinkedIn contacts.
  • Discovering the contact details of your Facebook friends.
  • Twitter connection leads.
  • Creating lists of prospects.
  • Sending emails to all of them from inside the Snov.io dashboard.
  • Search email addresses hosted on a domain by Domain Search and much more.

To help you get started, let me give you a sneak peek. First thing is to signup for a free plan at Snov.io and create a list.

Creating a list of Prospects

Now install the free chrome extension.

snovio email validator tool

Right after installing the extension, you can open your LinkedIn account and search for prospects. In the search results page hit the Snov.io icon, top right in the chrome extension bar.

snovio email add

There you can see the available lists you have created and where you can save the emails you find. I will hit the button >> Find emails and Save.

I was in a mess earlier because I had the linkedin contact but no great way to reach out to them. Using Snov.io I get the contact emails of my prospects. I can ping them from inside the dashboard through my Gmail account or SMTP (see how in further screenshots).

The contacts are now on my list.

snovio emails list

Adding your Email and Sending Emails

Now, to be able to send emails to the prospects you have added in lists, you have to configure an email address. Either allow access to your Gmail account or configure an SMTP server and then head on to send emails.

Snov io email add

Sending email is easy. 1.Compose. 2.Write a subject. 3.Type your message and 4.Send

Snovio mail compose

Domain Search

Domain search is yet another interesting and useful feature out there on the Snov.io platform. There are conditions where you only know the company’s website URL and no contact details on the contact page is given.

You can directly put the URL in the domain search at Snov.io and find all the emails hosted on that domain.

snovio doman search result

Wrapping Up

There is lot more in the Snov.io tool which is almost an outreach tool. You can create list, discover contacts, send them emails and make follow-ups easily.

Creating more business for your organization is now easy with Snov.io.

Go ahead and get your hands on it for free.