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Sports Health and Fitness WordPress Theme

A generic WordPress theme can never be said to be sports, health or Fitness WordPress theme. Especially Health and fitness site themes are purposefully developed with a view to providing the kind of user experience a user need who is looking for health and sports related information. When it comes to having a WordPress blog about Sports or fitness, it has to be treated with care. If you want to create a health and fitness product shop on WordPress, this list of health fitness and sports WordPress themes is you bae.

When it comes to starting and manage a website focused on sports, fitness or health you can always rely upon the best content management system, WordPress. I prefer this technology not because it is easy but because it saves your precious time. However, you can always choose to go with a custom WordPress theme but why spend thousands when you can do the same with a few dollars readymade template which can also be customized and modified according to your needs?

Yeah probably above is the reason why there are hundreds of WordPress themes are developed especially for gyms, fitness clubs, sports item shops and health blogs.

The Best Sports and Fitness Club WordPress theme

You are going to take a look at the best WordPress theme solely made for Heath niche sites. Without any specific order, I would start this.

1. BnB Fitness WordPress Website

fitness wordpress website theme

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BnB is almost a one stop choice for a person who is looking for a website or blog in this niche or industry. Even if you’re planning a shop, social media, membership site or content based blog, this BnB WordPress theme is a perfect fit for that design.

3. Energy Fitness Center

energy fitness center wordpress theme

This one is the best choice if you are looking for a creatively effective and effectively creative WordPress theme for your gym or health club website. Especially for communities or membership sites concentrated around health, fitness or lifestyle.

4. Equipo

Equipo sport template

I would go with Equipo only if I own a sports team or I am designing a website around sports team or club. It is a solely and intentionally developed theme for this purpose only. You can also check out the demo for the explanation.

5. Fitness Club

fitness club theme

I hardly think if I would need more words to describe this. The name of the template itself clears everything about it.

6. Fit Plus Creative Sports Template

fitplus wordpress template

Fit Plus is a well structured responsive WordPress theme for graphically attractive and creatively flexible WordPress theme which is awesome enough to turn your first-time reader into a repeated user of your website. Turning that lead into sales is absolutely very easy now.

7. Fit Pro

fitpro wordpress theme

Fit Pro is yet one of the best Sports and Health Club themes on themeforest which is not actually FREE. Of course, none of the themes listed here is FREE. It has impressed me a lot with the layout configuration options and the flexibility of the design.

It incorporates all the necessary features that much be there in a cool WordPress theme for a health blog.

8. FlexMag

flex mag wordpress theme

FlexMag is not actually a theme for health based website. It is actually a magazine WordPress layout. But when it comes to talking about a theme for a kind of website that contains articles around fitness, health and body, I always suggest this design.

9. GameDay

gameday sports theme

Let me get in the fact that we are listing WordPress themes for outdoor games and games/sports club websites also. So, the GameDay is one of the only WordPress themes that fits here.

10. Gym Base

gymbase popular gym theme

It is always a mess to choose the last alternative as there is a huge completion between so many candidates and you only have to select one.

And Gym Base is a feature rich WordPress theme that can help you create a uniquely near-perfect website around sports and health.

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