Google Analytics provides you statistics of your website, number of pageviews, traffic source and more information like bounce rate and average time on website.

But does it tell you where did that reader clicked and how much did he scroll the page down.

No……. Now you will ask why do I need these kind of information.?

You definitely need it if you are selling something on your website. Maybe not if you do not love doubling your sales.

Let me introduce you guys with which lets you access crucial analytical data of your website from your audience point of view. This makes you knowledgeable about the user behavior on your website.

You can see what does a reader read and where does he click on your webpage.

SpyVisit, is an awesome tool for webmasters to rewamp their website by ethically “Spy” on your website visitors using this real-time analytics tool.

SpyVisit offers recordings of user session and heat maps which could help on enhancing conversion and engagement.

SpyVisit helps to increase sales, leads, and click-through rate of any website by monitoring visitors’ actions during the whole visit session throughout the website. SpyVisit is 100% compatible to almost all tracking software in the market, including Google Analytics, and it helps you to collect more data by combining both. If you want to increase sales, leads and click-through rate of your websites, you should try it out! Click here to get a free demo.

Key Features of SpyVisit

Visitor Mouse Movements Recordings

Using video recording, you can see exactly what website visitors are doing on your website.

Clicks Heat Maps

See what website visitors are clicking on your website instead of what “you think” they are clicking.

Eye-Tracking Heat Maps

See where website visitors are looking at on your website.

Scroll Heat Maps

See how far visitors scroll so they don’t miss anything important!

Real-Time Reporting

See what website visitors do at all time.

Works perfectly with Google Analytics and get more detailed data

SpyVisit is 100% compatible with Google Analytics. You will get even more data using both!

How does it work for your website?

It just took a few seconds to setup SpyVisit on your website and you can start recording immediately and “Spy” the activity of your website visitors instantly.

You may get a free demo account by visiting SpyVisit website.

Below is a detailed video of Visit Mouse movements recording……

What is the platform to view SpyVisit data?

You may use the tool on any internet browser to access the information. You have full access to all your own websites data which you can simply manage it according to your preference.

You will definitely need SpyVisit when you

  • – Creating A/B Split Test Ideas
  • – “Above the Fold” Testing
  • – Identifying if Content needs to be Added / Edited / Removed
  • – Conversion Rate Optimization for Forms, Checkout Processes and Subscriptions
  • – Engagement with your Videos
  • – Screen Resolution Optimization
  • – Navigation Refinements
  • – Comparing Visitors Clicking Images vs Buttons vs Text Links
  • – Give Executives Real Data of What Works and What Doesn’t
  • – For “Before” and “After” Case Studies
  • – How Specific User Segments Engage with Your Site Compared to Others
  • – During a Website Redesign
  • – Confirm Site Security and Potential Vulnerabilities

and many more..

Free demo

SpyVisit Supports Any Website or CMS! Do not hesitate to click here and try out this great tool for free!